January 13, 2010

A Little Overboard!

What you are looking at is my school room closet, now full of this stuff called Buffalo Snow! I hit the after Christmas sales, like any cheap momma would, and ran across this stuff that was marketed as a snow base for table-scaping and for arranging the little Christmas village houses atop.

Apparently no one want to pay for that sort of thing and both Wal-Marts in our town had it on clearance for 25 cents a bag. I know you must be wondering why in the world I would buy a closet full of this stuff, as I don't have a Christmas village and clearly no one else wanted it. Well, it's the exact same thing they are selling in the craft section as quilt batting and pillow stuffing. Yup, for a whopping 7 bucks at the back of the store, you can purchase a comparable amount for only 28X the price of this Christmas merchandising flop.

Having just bought a sewing machine, I am basking in the glow my good fortune! I have plans now to make some throw pillows for the couch that will match the curtains that I just made and some of those tragically hip "ugly monster dolls" for the kids. I might even give quilting a go. Who knows? With a closet full of Buffalo Snow, the possibilities are endless.

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