January 8, 2010

Mind Ball

We are still not back in the full swing of school. I have got one suitcase unpacked and I had the house all cleaned up. But Joe injured his shoulder and we've been shuttling him back and forth to clinics and alternatives, so things are in disarray again.

Clearly yesterday's post hit a nerve with Princess and the Frog fans, so I thought I'd better go a little lighter today. One of the unexpected highlights of our trip was a funny incident at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. I was quite excited to take my kids to one of my favorite childhood field trip places, but when we arrived it became clear that not a single element remained from my childhood other than the snack room. That room is timeless!

Anyway, there was an activity called mind ball. Two players sit opposite one another with this brain wave measuring band strapped to their heads. There is a ball in this tube and it starts in the middle of the two players, the more you relax (supposedly) the more the ball will be forced to your opponent's side. So, theoretically, if you are more relaxed than your opponent, the ball will easily roll to their side of the table.

Joe took on my dad and won, claiming that he had ultimate mind control. Then I took on Joe and won, to which he claimed I had an empty mind. He should be in politics the way he can spin things! As we were leaving, Haven just wanted to try on the head band, so as the others moved on to other exhibits, We hung back so he could feel like he was getting a turn. Suddenly this grown man came up and said, "Can I play against your baby?" I thought it would be funny, so I said sure, quite positive that Haven wouldn't leave the headband on long enough for a result.
They sat across from one another and the man folded his hands and tried to get all serene and Yoda like. Haven held on to the end of the tube and focused on the ball like he was going to rip it open with his eyes. It was a sight. A few people came over to watch man vs. baby. Pretty quickly, the ball rolled towards the challenging grown-up. When Haven won the man jumped up and said, "How'd he do that? I like totally cleared my mind!" I said, "Hey, he's two! He doesn't have a care in the world!" He laughed and shook Haven's hand. "Good game." Haven had no idea what had just happened.


  1. Go Haven!

    Hey, do you remember when we spent the night at the museum when we were in Girl Scouts?

  2. Uh...you mean when my mom gave the sex talk to the entire troop under illuminated genitalia? How could I forget? I was thrilled to find out that that room no longer exists!


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