January 18, 2010

Spinny Speller

Hannah Jane wanted one of the Spinny Spellers that we saw on a home school blog and when Grandma Kate sent her an Amazon gift card for her birthday, it was the first thing on her list! She reads chapter books, so I wasn't going to pony up and buy her a spelling toy that is well below her literacy level, but if she wanted to spend her own money on it, that was fine by me.

As with most things, she loved it for a week and found all sorts of novel ways to play with it before she forgot about it completely. Now the boys are gaining interest in it. If we start using it as a schooling tool with them I'm going to have to reimburse Hannah Jane for fitting the bill upfront for school expenses.

Hannah Jane's favorite thing to do with it was to make a list and try to come up with a methodical way to find every possible combination that made a word without duplicating any. The boys, at this point, just spin it around and ask, "Momma, what word did I make?" Often it's not a real word at all. Because we're Engelman people, the boys know lots of lowercase letters but no caps yet, so it will be a wile before they can fully utilize the Spinny Speller.

I think this is a pretty cool toy for a short period in a child's learning. Even though the boys can't read it yet, they are infinitely fascinated with the different letter combination and feel oddly proud when they happen upon a real word by accident. Hey! Anything that gets the interested in word formation, right?

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