January 31, 2010

Tie Dye Snowman

Today was the absolute best snow day ever. We got about a foot on top of the 8 or so inches of old snow, which made for perfect play time. Joe dug tunnels through the snow for the kids and the dog to get around the back yard, but of course, they all went off roading. That little pup was the funniest thing, She would disappear into the deep snow and then pop up a little farther down the yard. SO cute!
Well, I have always had this crazy dream of tie dying a snow man. You can't actually tie, of course, but I have wanted to use food coloring to make a tie dye looking snow man. This was my first ever attempt. It was not as easy as I had hoped. Getting that perfect swirl pattern was near impossible, so we just went a little wild. I took 4 disposable cups and filled them half way with water and then put four drops of food coloring in each. Then I took one of those Olive oil bottles with the drop nozzle and filled it with one color at a time.

The immediate effect was totally awesome! The colors were bright and cheery, even if not in a nice and tidy tie dye pattern. But the quickly got absorbed by the snow and thinned out to almost nothing. Hannah Jane had a ball whipping colored juice all over the snow man!

So I finally got to do one of those weird things that you always secretly dream of doing but never actually do, like taking a dip in a swimming pool full of jello. I'll likely never do that, but for today I have a crazy colored snowman in my backyard! That's enough for me!

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