February 9, 2010

American Girl: Lanie club!

Hannah Jane's most favorite home school activity ever has got to be Lanie club! They have had two of four scheduled meetings, and Hannah is in heaven. Oh, how she has wanted more girls to hang out with! And look at those darling faces! Can't you just tell why she's so happy? Aren't they all just dolls? And gosh, that tiny one there in the stripes...well, I love her!

Super cool, and apparently way organized mom, Sarah, put the group together and has hosted the gatherings. At meeting one, Hannah Jane came home with a home made nature journal, a pencil that she made to look like a flower, a butterfly balancing craft, and so many stories about all of the girls and the fun activities that Sarah put together like the friendship web!

At the second meeting they planted paper white bulbs in adorable tin can containers wrapped in cloth, played a name game that Hannah Jane apparently thought was devastatingly hard (she gets the name trouble from me!), listened to cello music, made bird feeders, and had a general ball while doing it all. I, for one, am way impressed that Sarah was ambitious enough to put all of this together!

The next two meetings are planned to be held at the Willow Park Zoo for some bird viewing (if I recall correctly) and possibly at Stokes Nature Center. How cool is that?

Hannah Jane is devastated that this ever has to end, so maybe we'll have to talk the girls into reading some new book that we can congregate around when Lanie Club is over. Normally I am up for hosting anything, but I have to admit that Sarah set the bar pretty high with this and I am a little intimidated to follow in her footsteps! But whatever it takes to keep these kiddos of mine happy and reading is what I'll have to do!

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