February 23, 2010

Crazy Haven

Haven has had quite a nutty last few days. Lets see...Have I reported on potty his potty method? He stands on the seat, puts both hands and sometimes his forehead on the seat, and kind of sways his little rump around in the air to aim. He's quite good and shockingly mess free this way, and at least he's going on the potty, so I saw no reason to say much about his unique potty style. But this week he finally fell in. Yup. One leg, shoulder and arm in, one of each clinging for dear life to the edge of the bowl. He cried as I toweled him off, mostly over his loss of dignity, I believe. I think I'll maybe encourage him to remove his socks first from now on to get a less slippery grip on things.

And now he's in a mad scientist mode. He wears the goggles he got from the Lowes project days all day with his hair puffed out on top of them, completing the slightly unstable professor look. I think he's got it down now. Last night he wore them to the dinner table and I could hardly eat, he was so cute (well, that and the fact that I had burnt dinner to an inedible crisp). And well, it is a known fact that apple pie tastes better while wearing goggles!

So, here's to my little bulldog. He's crackin' me up this week and I'm loving every minute of it!

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