February 1, 2010

Dead Laptop

This is goodbye. Well, for a little while. My laptop is trying to shut down as I type this. New laptop coming soon, but for now I'm going to have to live a technology free life until I can buy a new machine. Hopefully it won't be longer than a week or so. So keep checking in. I'll be back soon with a faster, more reliable machine. And I'll have lot's of fun stories and pictures built up just awaiing my internet return! So, if I know you personally, call me. Don't email. See ya soon!


  1. Just curious.... what is the problem of your laptop exactly ? can't be fixed ?

  2. Well, to start, it's crazy old for a laptop (4 years). The part that the power cord plugs into does not make a solid connection to the cord when it is plugged in, it will no longer write to disk, several of the keys are broken or require a crazy amount of pressure resulting in insane amounts of typos because the key just decided not to do its job. Anything else, you ask...it's unbearably slow. It shuts down with no warning. Once in a while it capitalizes every letter and there's nothing I can do to stop it. It makes me all around irritable! Can ya fix any of that for me?


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