February 5, 2010

Hannah Takes on the Sewing Machine!

Today was the day that Hannah Jane has desperately been awaiting. She got to use the sewing machine! Joe, if you're reading this, I assure you it was perfectly safe and no one actually stitches through their fingers anymore. Really. Well, maybe in sweat shops, but that's a totally different matter. This was voluntary and slow paced sewing! Trust me...OSHA would approve!

It all began last week when Hannah Jane and I took a mommy daughter date She really wanted to hang around the Valentines section and kept looking at things for the boys. I told her that I always like a hand made gift the best, and maybe she could make them something that would be more special than just another stuffed animal holding a heart.
Her reply was, "How can I make them something special when I can't even use the sewing machine?" Well, she had never asked to use it before and I did get a little thrill at the thought of it so I said, "Let's go pick out some fabric!" She decided to make a pillow for each of the boys to match their rooms and stitch their names on them. I talked her into just making an easy letter H on the machine and keeping it simple for her first try.

Well, as usual she blew me away. She was a little scared of the sound and kept depressing the pedal just enough to make the noise but not enough to make the needle go up and down. Once she relaxed, she just ripped right through the two pillows and finished them in no time flat. She stuffed them with our overabundance of Buffalo Snow and I did the ladder stitch to close off the last of the seam.She was so gosh darn proud of herself she could hardly sit still. "I'm a pro at this!" she proudly said. And I'd have to agree. Since I can pretty much only sew in straight lines, I think she's all caught up to her mom. I better learn some new skills so I can keep one step ahead!

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