February 26, 2010

Irish Music School Show

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha, friends and readers! While we are a good 3/4 of the way through Ayyam-i-Ha day one, and partying like like it's 1999, I will post pictures and videos of that later, Right now, I am excited because I just found out that the home schoolers have been invited to attend the school outreach showing of Eileen Ivers' visit to our local art and music theater!

Admittedly, I had no idea who this was or what she was about until I watched the youtube video, but boy oh boy am I excited! In this little clip from that Sunday morning show, they show how she has integrated all styles of music into her traditionally Irish fiddling and made it accessible to all sorts of listeners.

I love this, because I always thought it odd that if a musician didn't fit into a very defined category of music, they had difficulty gaining popularity. Growing up in Nashville, I always heard, "They aren't really country," or "they aren't country enough." I sort of thought of that mind set as being a little symptom of a bigger problem of our culture wanting everyone to be the same, or at least easily labeled.

So this woman's music, her band, her style, is an affront to all of that thinking that we need to be one thing. I love it! Plus, she seems really joyful and exciting to watch. As we watched the video, I said, "Look how joyful her face is!" Hannah Jane replied, "Well, listen to that music! How could she not be joyful?"

The theater doesn't allow children under 5 or babies in laps, so the boys will stay with my friend Steffanie while I take her son Kai along for the show. Back when CherryHolmes came and we had a similar opportunity, I kept her girls while Hannah Jane went with them. That was fine. I can handle any amount of little ones. But I am a little worried about the boys being hard on her, as I have never dropped them off anywhere. I will leave behind a large bag of apples, bananas, and various meat products for her to use in the event of an emergency. Meat always seems to make things better for the boys. So we're giving it a try. Wish us luck (or should I say wish Steffanie luck)!

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