February 9, 2010

A Little Paper Joy

Well, still sick. Yesterday drug on longer than a Bob Ross episode. Hannah Jane was bored to death without the boys' usual energy. We did school, she took Still Water out for a long play outside, and then she fell to the floor in a huff. "This is soooo boring with everyone sick!" So I decided that it was a perfect time to learn a new craft. You know... a quiet, sitting still sort of activity that we could do more easily without all of the usually boyish impishness floating around us and tearing through our handiwork.

Waldorfian paper window stars. Yup! That's what we came up with. I looked at a few tutorials, made a few minor adjustments, and off we went! There must be a way to make these suckers 9 pointed, but that will take more tinkering than I had time for today! Here's how to make the 8 pointers!

Cut out 8 rectangles from tissue paper. The tutorials all said kite paper, but really...who has that just lying around? Not us. So tissue paper it is. It needs to be something that the sun will shine through.Next take your paper, one rectangle at a time, and fold it length wise to crease it before re-opening it.

Next fold in each of the four corners to look like this.

Now, on one end only, fold the sides in again to get a kite shape.

Do this for all 8 pieces!

Now glue just one of the tinier triangles of a piece and place the aligned edge of the next folded piece on top. Repeat until 7 of the 8 pieces are in place.

Now, for the last folded piece I think it was easier to flip it all over and see where you need to tuck the last piece in to keep the pattern going.

Glue any floppy or loose pieces and you're all set!

Hannah Jane's turned out much more symmetrical than mine, but I'm telling myself that it's because I learned from my own mistakes before telling her how to glue the pieces together. That's what I have to tell myself because I will cry if my 6 year old is already craftier than me! I can't believe that she sat and had the patience to go through all of the step 8 times!

Now the boys are just lying, glazed over in a viral stupor, gazing at the beautiful stars on the window. Maybe a little paper joy is what they need to heal faster!

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