February 9, 2010

White flag

We're sending up a white flag and begging for healing prayers to be said for this sad little home bound family of sick and sleepy flu fighters! Hunter has not kept anything down since Friday night, and now Haven has joined him in a competition to see who can maintain the lowest body weight due to illness. Hunter's pants no longer stay up, poor little bag of bones. But my little Hannah Jane, with her champion immunity, is still going strong and, despite mom's lack of sleep and her brothers' lack of fluid intake, is eager to get on with more school work today.

In order to keep up with Hannah Jane's thirst for knowledge and the boys' need for ever changing linens, I drug the spare crib mattress into the school room and went on with life as usual. Well, we don't usually school in our bathrobes, but, hey! At least were doing it, right? Hunter is sitting at his desk eating teryaki chicken soup and sipping Gatorade, Haven is passed out on the crib mattress, and Hannah Jane is recounting the story of Romulus and Remus in her notebook.

For a moment I was distracted by an e-mail from a friend who has just returned from vacation and when I looked up, Hannah Jane had both of her ailing brothers temporarily perked up by a trip through our children's atlas. She was saying, "That's where Bereket is from. See right there? And his mom is from over here. And look, there is a zinc mine right there." First of all, I had no idea she had listened so closely this summer when our friend Bereket was explaining his heritage and the complications between Eritrea and Ethiopia. I had a little difficulty recalling the details myself, but there she was retelling it with great understanding of the situation for a six year old. Now that she can read with a degree of proficiency, she loves to look at the atlas and locate far off places that she feels a connection to. Like Yaya and Japan, the Taylors and Canada, Aina and Madagascar, and now Bereket with Eritrea.

So, with a little help from the healthy one among us, there is still lots of learning going on during this most sick day we have ever experienced.

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