March 31, 2010

Basic Skills Ideas

My boys need a little work on recognizing the numerals when they see them. They can count and do basic operations with manipulatives, but they don't know an eight when they see one. And recognizing patterns is another area that we are trying to focus more on for our little ones. Here are the fun ideas I came up with this week to help them along.

For numeral recognition, I made these fun sheets to play a game with! They love Disney Cars, and Disney put a bunch of screen savers on the web with each character from the movie on them. I downloaded each image to power point and just typed a big numeral on each one. To save yourself the work, you can get the pages here.

I spread them out across the sun room floor and then called out numbers for each boy. "Haven go to the number 6. Hunter, find the number 8." They had fun with it and I think after a few more tries, they'll have those numbers down pat! It was great to hear Hunter say, "Lightening McQeen is 4 like me!" We also used our big fuzzy dice and let the boys roll them, count up the combined dots, and then head to that number! It was so much fun!

After we decorated eggs last week, I had a ton of the eggs stickers that come in the Paas kits left over. I decided to put them on the ends of clothes pins and create a pattern game for the boys. You could use any tiny stickers for this. I created a pattern by clipping the pins to the lip of a cookie sheet and then gave the boys a handful of pins to complete the pattern.

Hunter seems to be catching on to the pattern thing, and hopefully Haven will pick it up after watching Hunter enough times. They make a good team!

If you have any ideas for fun activities for numeral recognition or pattern finding, share them!

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