March 1, 2010

bird craft

I have been sitting here for quite some time now cutting out bird silhouettes to use for our craft project for the round of girl's club that we are hosting on Wednesday. This is the part of teaching that I miss the least. The cutting of random paper pieces to be used in art projects until your knuckles bear seemingly permanent marks from scissor handles is perhaps the most grueling part of teaching. As a student teacher, I once cut out 30 pairs of glasses shaped like the number 100, with the 0s as the eye holes for the 100th day of school. Yeah...that hurt.

Homeschooling has allowed my knuckles the luxury of only cutting shapes for 3 kids. How blissful it has been. But today I prepare to host an unknown number of little girls and their sibling to make bird mobiles and decorate lion and lamb cookies. And with it being the wee-one's club, and not knowing what levels of dexterity will be present, here I sit cutting a bazillion birds out of scrap book paper.

So, if you have only a few kids, and your knuckles feel up the the challenge, here's the project that I found in a Waldorf schooling craft book.

You'll need a few selections of pretty scrap book paper, yarn, a hole puncher, scissors, and some brightly colored feathers.

Take the piece of scrap book paper that is to be the wind wheel atop your mobile and cut an X shape starting at the corners and stopping just before you reach the center so that your X is never quite complete. Your paper is now sort of divided into triangles. Punch a hole in the outer left corner of each of those triangles and then fold the holes to the center without ever creasing the paper. You've got your windmill. It can be secured with bras for a nice finished look or tied with yarn as I have done here.

Then you can cut birds from your other patterned paper and glue bright feathers to the plain side of the paper. Attach the birds in a row on a piece of yarn and tie it to hang from the center of your wind wheel.

Now you've got yourself a pretty little piece of spring to hang above the bed or by a window that will help you hold out for that last bit of snow to melt. I'll post pictures of the finished product as soon as the girls group has done it. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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  1. Who is this? All I can see is numbers for your screen name. Clearly you're one of us nutty girls club moms!


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