March 26, 2010

Easter Egg-straveganza!!!

Okay. So that's the most hackneyed Easter joke of all time. I get that and I still just couldn't resist! I know you'll forgive me! Gramma Jamma (or Jan, my mother-in-law) was here for a few days and boy did we wear out the crafts egg projects while she was here.

First we did the run of the mill egg dying. Nothing special. Then we did some two coat eggs with the wax crayon patterns. Still...nothing spectacular. We tried the shrinking egg wrappers and that was a whopping failure! Note for all of you who haven't done the egg thing yet: if you get the Paas pack with the shrinking egg wrappers, buy the smallest eggs you can find because the standard large egg just won't fir inside. Boo... But that's okay because we had plenty of other fun stuff.

Because I can't throw out perfectly fine left over dye, I filled a spray bottle with the dye and gave the kids a piece of copy paper with an egg outline on it. They took turns spraying the egg with the dye. This was difficult for the boys, but good for them to use their tiny hand muscles. Before long they had all figured a way to spray the dye. I changed out the colors a few times and then we cut out the eggs. Pretty fun!

Next we made a thank-you gift for Aunt Jeanie, who sent some gifts for the kids along with Gramma Jamma. We took the left over shells (by the way, I have always put the shells back in the carton when cooking, which has been questioned by many people. I can't say why I do it other than my mother did, but I was sure glad to have all of the left over shells today!) and made flowers.

We painted the shells inside and out with acrylics and then hot glued green pipe cleaners to the bottoms for stems. TO get a good stem, you have to twist a spiral in one end of the pipe cleaner and then glue the whole spiral to the bottom of the egg.

Then if you want, and we did, you can make some leaves on the stems just by creatively bending the pipe cleaners!

We must have done it all...right? Oh, no! We had more fun! We made baby chicks hatching form eggs.

To do this we took 2 cotton balls and rolled them around in a ziplock bag with a few drops of yellow food coloring until they were mostly yellow.

Next we glued one into the bottom of the shell and the other on top of it to form the body and the head. Next we glued on two little googley eyes and a little beak that we cut from orange foam.

Haven, of course, immediately crushed his in his little hand. He's a brute who knows not his own strength. Hunter dropped his and cried a little before I hot glued it back together. Hannah Jane's peeked straight up from her shell. Too cute! In the end everyone was happy to have a little Easter friend.

Finally...yes, there's more...we made geode eggs! This was by far the most exciting event of the day! Thank you to Lori for posting the link to it on facebook!!! So, you know the rocks that you crack open and they have the crystals inside? Geodes? Well, you can actually make eggs with crystals inside.
These pictures are after an hour, and you can see crystals already beginning to form!
First you need a few left over eggs shells, roughly in halves. Now boil some water and then dissolve any other the soluble solids like salt, epsom salts, sugar, baking soda, etc in the water until it is no longer dissolving. Add a few drops of color and then use a funnel to pour the mixture into your egg halves. Leave them in a sunny spot, and as the water evaporates, crystals form in the egg shells. It's awesome! And much faster than you would think! We could see crystals forming within an hour or so. A full day or two for full crystals!

If you think of anything we forgot to do with egg shells, let me know! We had such a fun day of crafts!!!

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