April 2, 2010

Letter B Tot School and Fresh Printables!

Well, it was a fabulous B week (if you don't count the glow-stick incident)! And I was quite pleased with my home made print outs for the boys. Ready to see and share?

To kick off B week, we all found something blue to wear and ate biscuits for breakfast. Hunter was so excited (only B week can get them excited about eating biscuits) that he made up this little B week jingle for us to sing! Hannah Jane reluctantly sang, Haven was too busy eating to sing, and Hunter got a little camera shy until the word "week!!!".

Can you feel Hunter's excitement? And Hannah Jane's lack thereof?

Then it was time for a little bubble gum math!
Wow! When I look at this pic, I feel the urge to organize our school shelves a bit more! I promise they are not as disorganized as they look!

I made these empty gum ball machines that each have a different number on them. The boys took their magnetic pom poms, our new favorite learning tool, and placed the correct number of "bubble gum balls" in each machine.
We are really focusing on numeral recognition and this was a great activity for that. You can download the numbered gum ball machines here.

Then we moved on to some pattern block pictures! I found this great site, PreKinders, that has a variety of pattern block mats for free download. Check it out! We didn't have to stick with butterflies!
Haven did a simple bunny.

Hunter did a more complicated bee. PreKinder has both black outlines and full color mats for each pattern. I probably should have chosen the color version to help Hunter along with this one because he got a little frustrated. Sometimes it's hard to find the line between keeping him from getting bored and frustrating him. He's a sensitive fella! He finished, though!

Then we did some lacing Bs. I cut them out of the cheap sheets of foam that you can buy at the Dollar Store and then punched holes in them.
Hunter did the capitol B and...

Haven laced a lower case b.

And now for my favorite creation! I made this bug game to work on numeral recognition. It's a bug themed game board and we used paper clips as our moving pieces and the big fuzzy dice that the kids won in Vegas (I know! Shameful! But when you're stuck in Circus Circus for 2 day while your husband is at a conference, you gotta play some midway games)! Each player has a row and has to roll the number at the top of the column in order to be able to move into it. This took a little longer than I had anticipated, but the kids loved rolling the big dice and it had Hunter calling out numbers when he saw them, which was the aim. You can download the board here.

Next was button sorting! I got this little display box from the dollar store to use as a sorting container and gave the boys a little container of buttons to sort by color.

This was going okay when it was just Hunter, but when Haven came in and put things in the wrong compartments, Hunter just about lost his mind. We'll do sorting seperately from now on.

We made letter B art with RainBows! I supplied the parts and the boys had to glue them in place. I was surprised at how accurately they glued. Next it was time for some rainbow science!

This was the set-up: 6 glasses. Every other one had a color under it and a dropper of food dye. Hannah Jane made colored water for the 3 glasses with dye. Next, they had to place the color cards under the empty glasses that they thought would contain each of the remaining colors when filled with the water on either side.
They did great! Got all 3 predictions correct!

Then the boys made bees from Bs! I supplied them each with a tray of supplies and they got to gluing!

Finally we did a little beading of patterns on pipe cleaners. Hunter made a beautiful necklace with a perfectly executed pattern! Haven got a little off pattern, but loved his necklace none the less.

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  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. I have been wanting to think of some games, but I am SOOO not creative. All of these games are awesome. My 2 toddlers need stuff like this. Thank you SOO much for posting these creative ideas. LOVE THEM!!!

  2. Love the gumballs in the machine for counting.

    And of course I love that bee! :)

  3. Thanks guys!
    Jolanthe, my daughter's preschool class made that bee back when we were schoolers instead of homies! I wish I'd kept more of her art from back then to rip off now that the boys are that age!

  4. oooh I'm so excited about the gumball machine printable! Thanks so much! We just made the magnetic pom poms and love them.
    We also love using the pattern mats from prekinders!
    Love your mixing colored water activity!

  5. Visiting from Preschool Corner - your kids are so cute, and I am impressed with how you can teach different ages at the same time.

  6. I just stumbled across your blog. LOVE your ideas. I will especially be using the Gumball machines. Thanks so much for sharing!


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