March 28, 2010

Letter Let Down

So, you may have noticed that I am posting more of what we are doing with the preschool set these days. I have found so many fun resources and exciting things to do with the boys that I can't contain myself. Plus, I love to share my favorite things with schooly minded friends! But now that we are trying to do the letter a week thing, all of the sited that I have fallen in love with for the cool preschool activities are causing me a common conundrum...they all seem to revolve around a single item that starts with the letter of the week.

This week, for instance, is B week at our house. It also happens to be blue week as well! Anyway, I click to my favorite resource sites and find that all of my usual favorite printables are butterfly focused. I see two problems with this. 1)Butterflies are beautiful but my boys' hearts belong to beetles and bees because bugs are beloved by all boys. Is my corny alliteration getting through? Butterflies are girlie in all of their pink glory! Boys need the letter B too, gosh darn it! 2) It seems to me that if a kid is to experience the fullness of a letter, they should do fun things that plant concrete memories in their adorable little heads of a variety of words that start with each letter. Having every single activity for an entire week be printed on cute little butterflies is fine, but will they notice all of the other important words that start with B? Probably, but maybe we could help them along a bit by doing things with buttons, beads, bread, beach balls, bears, blue...I could go on, but I'm annoying myself here!

So, in a moment of desperation for my boys to learn about the letter B in a variety of boy friendly ways, I went ahead and made my own printables, and I will of course be sharing them with you! Not this very second, because I haven't converted all of my files to the sharing system yet, but I will post for tot school and preschool corner on Friday, and when I do, I promise to add links to my home made and gender neutral B sheets so that any of you with boys (or girls who are sick of doing every little thing on a butterfly shaped paper) can get in on the fun without having to actually figure out how to draw your own gum ball machine in Microsoft Paint (yes, I did it and no, it wasn't fun or easy) or make your own bug race game board! Yes, it can all be yours with a click of the mouse by Friday or Saturday! SO come back and check it out!

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