March 30, 2010

Little's Love

Do you ever have those days that you just feel a little more mushy gushy about your kids than usual? I mean, I think they are amazing each time I look at them, but today I just can't stop gazing at them and thinking how they really must be the sweetest kindest kids on planet earth. I know, I know...your kids are the sweetest, but humor me here and pretend like you think mine are for a second. K?

Last night Hannah Jane asked me what I most liked to do to pass the time. The she qualified, "and don't say being with us, because we know that already. What else do you love?" I thought long and hard and everything I could come up with really was about them. I said, "I love to play guitar and write songs...about you. I love to blog and post pictures to share with friends and they can see how truly cool you are. I like to that you can grow healthy and strong. I like to of us." I started to see how I love all of the same things as I did before having kids, but I love it all more because of the kids.

All of that love that they send my way just makes me feel like I could burst into a thousand little bit of love confetti! Seriously. When I think back on life pre kids, I laugh at how I thought I knew what happiness was. Silly me. I had no idea that real happiness is sneaking into a twin sized bed stuffed with kids and wedging yourself right in the middle just to hear them breathe and know that when they crack their eyes open in the morning, your smile will be the first thing they see. with the littles is good!

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