March 29, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: letter B week!

Hooray! B week is here! We're all in some article of blue clothing and playing B games! Haven even broke a blue glow stick into his pretty blue eyes so that I had to call poison control! That's right friends! There's never a dull moment during B week!

I also thought we'd do a muffin Tin Monday for B week! We had B shaped PBJ, and then sandwiches shaped like bells, boots, and baseball caps, banana slices on blue skewers, and beans! The kids always love a good muffin tin lunch, and today was no exception!

I didn't realize that there's a muffin tin Monday theme among home schoolers each week. This week was blue/purple, and I suppose that could have gone along with B week, but I wasn't prepared. Oops! We'll do better next time!


  1. Your lunch sounds great!

  2. Thanks! It might as wekk have been brown week, though! I looked at yours earlier and couldn't get the pictures to open. Sounded creative, though!

  3. Great "B" lunch. Blue/purple foods are hard to wing!

  4. So creative. Love the B theme.

  5. that boot is awesome! I want a boot sandwich!


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