March 10, 2010

Salt Dough Recipe

We use salt dough at least twice a month. It's a cheap and easy way to do so many art projects. Plus, the kids can make it themselves.

Just mix the following items in a bowl and go!
1C flour
1C salt
1/2 C water

Yup! It's just that easy. If you want a coarser, more grainy dough for simulating concrete or aged statues, go heavy on the salt. If you want a smoother dough, go heavy on the four!

We've used this mix for everything from making 3D maps of the Middle East to building models of the Ishtar Gate and sculpting facial features on top of milk jugs. You can color it with food coloring and use it like playdough. After a day or two, it will harden like a rock and you'll have your project forever. Plus, if your tot tries to eat it, the worst that will happen is they make a sour face!

I'd love to hear what you make with your salt dough!

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