March 11, 2010

Science Fair last!

My what a big day it was! The science fair has finally come and gone. Hannah Jane has agonized over its arrival for a month now. If you recall, Hannah Jane wouldn't let me post her full project display until after the fair because she didn't wan to, "loose the edge!" Here's the video of her prep. I took one of her final practice talk as well, but youtube isn't cooperating at the moment, so maybe tomorrow. And the dramatic music...that was Hannah Jane's choice. She wanted me to download it and play in on repeat at the science fair, but I do have to draw the line somewhere. Right?

We arrived early (of course) and helped set up the tables. Hannah Jane grabbed the very first spot and set up shop. I packed enough snacks to last the boys an entire day around here, but boredom struck and the snacks lasted a mere 20 minutes before the boys gobbled them up and asked for more.

The day seemed to drag on forever! The judging took far longer than anticipated and the fair ran over time. She was the first visited by one judge and the last visited by the other, so she had a solid 3 and a half hours of sitting around with her friend Alina and complaining about the slow pace.

Award time finally came and she had not been judged yet. She waited patiently and the judge gave her a short and courteous interview complete with an apology for not giving her a fair shake of time. She too 4th, so no big accolades from the crows, and she did look a little sad when the ceremony was over. But her face lit up when she got back to her display and it had a shiny ribbon for participating and a big ole piece of candy! In the car she said, "I was a little sad that I didn't win an award, but boy did I have fun! Can we do it again next year? Can we hang my ribbon on the wall?" It made me so proud and relieved to see that she could take the loss like that! She has had a few incidences in the last month that made me worry about her confidence levels and wonder if we should participate in events with judges at all while she's this young. As usual, her excitement and cheer over the whole day proves that I over think things and need to relax a little!

The boys sat nicely eating bananas for a while and then hit the gym mats with the other siblings for a knock down, drag out tot brawl. I can't believe that no one broke a bone! There was chasing, tripping, and wrestling to the ground by about 20 kids. Haven cried occasionally but got right back in it the next second. Those kids are tough!

By the end of the day we were tired and fried, but sporting a nice shiny green ribbon and a laffy taffy big enough to satisfy one scientist and her two brothers. So, it was a great day that ended with a whole lot more confidence for my little Hannah Jane! Way to go, Kiddo!

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