March 4, 2010

Slow and Relaxed

What a nice laid back day we have enjoyed. I got up early, after not sleeping very well, to eat my protein packed breakfast that would tide me over until a late dinner. All night long I had really strange dreams and after each one I would wake up and lay there wondering is that supposed to mean something? All of this talk lately over dreams and their meanings, combined with the fast, set me up for an odd night of contemplation. I came to no great conclusions about the world. Only that I need more sleep than that to have a productive day.

So I sat on the couch with my spinach and black olive omelet and my chamomile tea admiring the way the light from the hall fell on my Nana's chair and the book case. Then, as you can see, I flopped the contents of my omelet all over my feet. Soooo sleepy!!! Anyway, I scooped it up and went on with my breakfast,hurrying to get it all down before the sun came up. It's strange how not hungry I am at that hour. It's like major work eating a sufficient amount of food that early.

I climbed back into bed and snuggled my babes as I fell back to sleep. I got up once more to set out Joe's work clothes. Fell back asleep. Woke up to make pancakes for the kids. Went back to sleep. Are you seeing a pattern?

Anyway, I decided in my sleepless delirium that we'd take it easy today and not plan on accomplishing anything great. I let the kids play hide and seek for an hour past the time we normally start school. When I finally made the routine holler down the hall of, "We're starting school in 5 minutes!" they all actually said, "we're ready now!" which is a major change from their norm of asking for 2 more minutes over and over again. So I'm thinking this tired and therefore more laid back version of me might work well for our school days.

Hannah Jane requested that we do a math marathon because her 2nd grade math kit arrived in the mail and she is eager to get first grade behind her, so we plowed through 4 days of math in a little over an hour. The best of math toady was a little hands on lab dealing with standard units of liquid volume. We had a blast, as you can see. I tell you and baking are the two things hat really bring our family together. The kids are so patient and interested when we are doing one or the other that I have little flashes of what I thought motherhood would be like before I ever ad kids. All of the peace and kindness I thought my kids would manifest simply by the virtue of them being mine and being loved so very much, that sometimes gets lost in the day to day, reappears for science labs and baking days. Oh, and when we're canning apples! Yup! If you want a serene gaggle of kids, you really must load up on science and cooking!

Once we were done with school time, I decided to work on some sewing that needed to get done in time for a birthday on Saturday. So I spent the next two hours clipping and stitching myself into oblivion. I love the relaxing hum of the sewing machine and the way the kids keep checking in on my progress. Hunter, especially, gets so excited to see a flat piece of fabric transformed into a hat and a purse! It's adorable. And then he of course asks for one of his own. I explained that boys don't typically carry purses, but we could make him an adventure satchel, and his little eyes lit up with excitement. So I have now committed myself to 3 more hats, 2 adventure satchels, and one more purse! But that's okay because these hats I have learned to make are so much more darling than anything I have ever seen at the store and much more in my budget that their regular kid couture.

So today I learned that when I am mellow (or sleepy) the kids are nice and mellow too. And I learned that if I sit back and relax a bit, school still gets done, rooms still get cleaned, and everyone is much happier around here. Maybe I am turning over a new mellow-mom leaf! Who knows? But today was an awesome day!

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