April 8, 2010

Baby Animal Days

It's our favorite time of year...Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center! We re-upped our membership for a new year of fun on the farm and we couldn't be more excited! It was supposed to be D week at our house but we got a little side tracked. The biggest D in our week was in RODEO!!! I figure that it's everyone else's Spring Break this week, and baby animals are educational in a tot sort of way. Right? So we're totally justified in sort of half doing D week and playing with farm animals instead. So we'll do D again next week and add some more activities for the theme then.

Hannah Jane and Danielle enjoyed riding the train together.

Hunter and Hannah Jane both participated in the Little Buckaroo's Rodeo. I asked Haven if he wanted to do it, and of course, he said no until it was too late and then he cried when he couldn't join in the fun. But we'll go back tomorrow and let him give it a try.

Hunter had a little difficulty getting the ribbon off of the goat's tail. He was so cute chasing that sucker and he never gave up! Go Hunter!!! I think he deserves the Mr. Congeniality award!

Hannah Jane, on the other hand, had too easy of a time with the same goat. She won first prize for the fastest time (which doesn't make for interesting video) and got to go up and choose a prize. They had all of these really expensive farm toys from CAL Ranch that the first prize winners could pick from, but they didn't appeal to Hannah Jane and she went and got a dollar store stuffed pig from the third prize winner's bin. Hilarious! The girl knows what she likes and doesn't care what anyone else says!

Hunter was the only one of mine that wanted to go Mutton Bustin' this year. I let him go to the other side of the arena and get geared up all alone, like he wanted to. But then I felt like he was so small and so far away that I worried and sent Hannah Jane over to hang out with him while he waited for his turn. After watching a few small kids get trampled by the sheep or slammed into the fence while clinging to the sheep's back, I got worried enough that I went over to be there just in case he had a mishap. Why in the world do we let our kids participate in these things? It's almost like we want them to grow up to be adrenaline junkies or run off with the real rodeo. And anyone who's ever listened to country radio knows what rodeos do to relationships (LOL) so why do we start 'em out so young? Well, his turn came, and I can't believe how long he held on! Then, as he slipped off, he rolled a couple times and lay there yelling, "I can't walk! I can't walk!" The rodeo clown went and carried him to me, all crying, dusty and snotty. I thought for sure he'd broken something and I said, "Where does it hurt?" He stomped angrily and said, "I'm not hurt! I'm just mad that I fell off!" He ranted about falling off for about 10 minutes and then he watched the video of himself and realized how cool he must have looked on that sheep and he was happy once more. As we left he said, "The best part of my day was holding on to that sheep!"

While Haven didn't get to ride or chase, he did look super cool in the stands with his cowboy hat on!
Hunter did too, of course! Doesn't he look all serious and cowboy like? Like a boy who just conquered a buckin' mutton!
And Hannah Jane and Danielle were too cute for words. It melts my heart to see her running around holding a little friend's hand!

What a great end to a great week!

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  1. Hannah - that was amazing how fast you got the ribbon on the goat.
    Hunter - wow, you were riding a sheep! He ran so fast! That looked scary. You are real brave.
    Haven - I saw the pictures of you with your cowboy hat. You looked really cool.

    I hope all of you had a lot of fun. I really like getting to watch the videos of you doing things and reading about everything you do. Each of you run up and give your mom a big hug for posting these stories.


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