April 6, 2010


Sweet little chickies came home with us last night. We got them all that they could need to live in a box for a few weeks while things thaw out in the barn. I'm not sure where they'll go as they get bigger. It seems like it stays cold for so long here (I mean, we got a fresh blanket of snow just last night) and I'm sure they'll be too big for the storage box that they are currently in very soon. Maybe they'll graduate to the downstairs bathroom.

While we were buying, this woman showed up to buy her own chicks and she clearly just had a big desire to share her chicken knowledge. She advised us on which were the friendliest and which were timid. We got 4 each of 3 different varieties. They were all out of the ones I wanted (Rhode Island Reds and Aracuna Easter eggers) so we figured we might as well go with her recommendations. The ones that she touted as the friendliest are actually the most flip-outish and scared of the flock. In their defense, though, they are the ones that will grow up to be the prettiest. I figure as long as we have a hand full of friendly ones it doesn't much matter. They're all just little egg machines anyway.

When we woke up they kids were just dying to play with them. They had, after all, listened to the peeps all night long. There isn't a corner of our house from which you can't hear those little suckers. I told them that once breakfast was finished they could get a few chicks out on a towel and let them play. I have never seen them eat so fast! I made the chicks a little practice perch from some spare dowel rods and a couple of tea boxes just for fun and we brought out 5 of the chicks to play on it.

Each of the kids has a name that they have picked for the chicks.

Hannah Jane wants to name one Clara and she flips out every minute or two saying, "Wait! Which one was Clara?"

Hunter, on the other hand, has chosen the name Mystery and is in no way picky about which one is Mystery. When Mystery runs away, he just says, "Now I'll go find the other Mystery to play with." At least he won't be hard to fool when one Mystery dies!

Haven has named all of the reddish ones Baba Sheep. He falls somewhere in between the other two in terms of allegiance. He'll get wrapped up in one chick being Baba Sheep, and if it just persists in running away, he just says, "I guess that wasn't really Baba Sheep."

We have one with questionable health. Which stinks because she is one of the friendliest who will follow your hand as you move it around. Hopefully she'll heal up. I'm going to spend a little time today trying to figure out if topical antibiotic cream might help her out. The others all seem pretty great. We are all so excited to have baby chicks at last!

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