April 8, 2010

D week, Sort of...

Our Tot School wasn't as relevant to our chosen theme this week as we would normally have it. True, it was D week, but we got a little side tracked with Baby Animal Days and only did about half of our D week activities. Here's what we did do and we'll repeat D week next week and post the other half of our fun then!

For our actual studies , of which there were admittedly few this week, we had donuts for breakfast. Yummalicious!

The boys graphed dimes on the dime graphing sheet that I created, which you can grab here!

We also used our magnetic pom poms for our dragon dot sheet, which is available here!

The kids worked on their paper mache mosque model, which I understand has nothing to do with the letter D, but when the bigger kid learning gets fun, the boys like to join in! We should finish that up next week as well!

We sang Old MacDonald to our new baby chicks! That was a hoot. The kids kept adding chickens to my shoulder as I played. We were singing so loudly, I thought we'd give the poor little things a heart attack! But they actually seemed to enjoy it

So seriously, next week the great D week will return in full swing. We just had to get that baby animal thing out of our systems!!! And e sure and click the adorable elephants below to see what other tot school families were up to this week!
Tot School

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