April 17, 2010

Earth Quake!!!

Out Internet has been out for 3 days so I haven't posted. I probably wouldn't have anyway because the whole family was down and out with some sort of stomach flu thing for the last 3 days as well, so I suppose it was good timing.

What's crazy is that on Thursday morning, I went to Millville's Relief Society meeting because my friend Steffanie's mom was supposed to come talk about cooking for your family without electricity. Well, her mom bailed on her so the meeting was almost entirely about earthquake safety and only a little about cooking. What's crazy is that about 4 hours after we left the meeting, we actually had an earthquake. A super small one that I didn't even feel because we were driving at the time, but still...what are the odds? Perhaps that is the reason for our extended Internet outage. Anyway, the meeting was all very informative. Things I had never thought of. But all the while she was saying, "I know. We never have earthquakes here, but we might and it's good to know what to do."

Among the things I learned that I had never heard or thought of was this thing called the triangle of life, which is basically the idea that a small triangle is formed when large objects fall onto smaller objects and if you get beside them rather than under them, you'll survive. So instead of getting under a table that could collapse, you'd get beside it so that when it collapses from the ceiling, you'll be in the triangle of life. Who knew? But if makes total sense to me. Steffanie spoke to the fire chief before sharing this, worried that it was a hoax since the Red Cross still teaches to get under tables or desks. The fire chief said that in the CA earthquakes, the people who did the triangle of life thing all survived and the others...well...not such a good success rate. So look at the rundown and the controversy here if you're interested. You can decide for yourself.

The other thing that she mentioned that would be a total life saver for our family if a major earth quake was to hit is the use of flashlights versus candles. Like our family, she said that hers was candle rich and flashlight poor. Likely because candles don't run out of battery while you wait for the disaster. They're always ready. But in a major earthquake, there is a high likelihood of gas line breakage and the last thing you would want to do is light a match or lighter. So suddenly I see the need for the flashlights. I am left wondering too, and I'll have to look this one up, if the crank flashlights would produce enough static to spark the gas.

Other things like having shoes near every one's bed so that they don't have to run barefoot across broken glass if it is at night, creating a disaster plan for your family with out of town contacts (which proudly, we had already done) and how to have a earthquake drill with your kids were discussed. Steffanie actually called all of her ward's schools to get their emergency plans and quite frankly, they were sadly lacking. There was no system for how parents were to pick up their kids if they weren't at the building for some schools and one school actually said, "It's simple. We'll just send all of the parents an e-mail letting them know where their students can be picked up." Steffanie looked crazed by this reply as she shook her head and said, "I'm talking earthquake here, people! I'm talking no electricity! No e-mail! Then what?" The woman on the phone politely conceded that there was an obvious glitch in their plans. She's making the whole city safer! Go Steff! And even scarier, one school refused to disclose their emergency policy and said that she'd have to make an appointment with the principal to hear about it. What?!?!? She and I both quietly gave each other a "Aren't you glad we're not sending our kids to school with these people?" when it was all over.

Anyway, look up the triangle of life, Learn where your home's gas, water, and electricity shut of vales are, and visit the red cross for more info that I'll bet you never thought to worry about when it comes to earth quakes. You really never know when you'll get one!

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