April 12, 2010

Gooney Bird Club!!!

It was our month to host book club and we chose Gooney Bird Greene for our book because I am (in case you haven't noticed) Lois Lowry's biggest fan and I am making sure that my kids are too! I mean, how many authors can write things as profound and captivating as the Giver and Gathering Blue and also be able to write the most entertaining and educational character like Gooney Bird Greene for a completely different age group?

I planned all sorts of fun activities for Gooney Bird club, but I messed up the e-mail and accidentally sent it to only 1 family instead of all of them. Oops! So when the one family arrived, they helped me make an emergency call to all of the other moms. Luckily, our group is flexible and we still had a good turn out! Here's what we did...

For lunch we made sandwiched that were as unique as Gooney Bird (basically because I had to return the book to the library and couldn't remember what she had eaten for lunch). Each girl could choose a cookie cutter from our collection and make whatever kind of sandwich they wanted. Hunter joined the group and had a foot sandwich. Hannah Jane had dinosaurs. Haven threw a fit and went to bed.

Then we sat around eating gumballs and making diamond earrings! The girls looked so fancy when they were through.

Next we watched some youtube videos of the Tarantella, the Tango, and the Viennese Waltz before trying our hand at a minuet! The girls were so fast catching on to the dance and all ages participated! We danced to New Soul by Yael Naim. Not exactly traditional Minuet music, but it had fun piano and it was slow enough to give the girls time to think about the steps as they did it.

We celebrated their dancing success by making candy sushi with fruit roll ups, rice krispy treats, and gummy worms! This was half disaster, half fun. The roll-ups were tearing and sticking to the wrappers so one mom suggested throwing them in the freezer. Then they were too hard and breaking. WE decided to give it a go anyway and make the best of it. I think it turned out alright.

Finally, we tried our hand at making the paper stars that Malcolm put up his nose. I figured that since the characters in the book were in second grade, we could handle this. Not so. I think 1 of the 10 people trying actually made the star. My practice star turned out great, and I can't figure out what went wrong. But, we gave it a try and eventually the girls said, "Let's just go play," which made them happy enough!

We'll meet again in 2 weeks and we'll find all of the cities named China on the map, we'll eat something a little more Gooney Birdish, we'll talk about homonyms, and we'll tell the stories of how we got our names! I just love Gooney Bird!!!

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