April 3, 2010

Hannah Jane's New Blog!

Tonight, after Hannah Jane finished reading me a bed time story (yes, you read that right! She read to me so that we could skim that much more time out of our school day for fun extras like seeing what we can make explode in the kitchen) she looked at me and said, "I wish I could have my own blog like you do." And I said, "Why can't you? Let's set you up!" She couldn't believe it! She squealed louder than I ever imagined possible.

So, I set her up with a blog on my account and then walked her through what I consider to be the most fun part of getting your own blog - choosing a hip background. We went to shabby chic blog design and scrolled through her choices. Every one that she saw, she wanted. We clicked through a ton before choosing the decidedly most awesome background ever (I'll admit it...I'm jealous) with a cute little garden gnome in the corner. Perfect for my tangly haired girl who just aptly named her blog "Hippie Hannah."

She had already learned the right click copy/paste routine for choosing pictures for her time lines, so she easily picked up on how to copy the html code for her background. She, like her mother, was wooed by all of the flashy buttons and banners, but we stayed focused on just putting one post together now that she had a background and title.

Her first post was the usual About Me post. She typed it all herself (which was gruelingly slow to behold). I think this is going to be good for her spelling and sentence structuring skills because she was acutely aware of Firefox's underlining of her misspelled words. She did not like seeing the red lines under her mistakes, so she kept returning to the spell check function over and over to choose the more appropriate spelling. I loved to see her thoughtfully mull over the choices that spell check gives her. She sounded each word out, thought for a second to decide if it was in fact what she was intending to say and then made her choice. This is such a cool way for her to learn to discern between similarly spelled words.

She did a good job and begged to do another post. This seemed like a good time to have a little discussion about not overwhelming your audience, showing restraint when using social media (I know... I am really not the person to best advise in that area) and quality over quantity. Next thing you know she'll be asking for a facebook account (to which I will say no, so save the hate mail)!

The deal is that each day, if she wants, she will be allowed to spend a little time on a new post or on learning a new trick of the tech trade like creating code, photo editing, etc. She has already commandeered my old digital camera for her big moments. I hate to pay to print kid photos, so this will be a nice place for her to house and share those pics that so cutely display those things that 6 year olds are into, but that moms may not want to compile into photo albums.

I'm excited about the learning possibilities here. I never thought of how cool spell check would be for language and spelling learning. It has me thinking about a typing program like I had in elementary school and had not even thought about providing for my little budding blogger. And most of all, Hannah Jane is so excited about having a new avenue of self expression. I'm going to stay out of it and let it be a home for all things Hannah Jane.

After much too much introductions, here it is. The official launch of Hippie Hannah! Enjoy!

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