April 23, 2010

Milestone Week!

It was a fun and hectic week that left no room for blogging. Being the home body that I am, and having a husband who takes our only vehicle to work every day, I have grown accustomed to not having to be anywhere at any certain time. Now Hunter has speech twice a week and it has challenged me severely!

About Hunter's speech, we're calling it preschool because that's what they call it and because it makes him feel really cool, but it's really just 45 minutes on Wednesday and 90 minutes on Friday of group therapy. I was skeptical about how much a group of speech challenged kids could help each other, but I am a believer.

First Day of "School"

Hunter's first day, I dropped him off and he practically pushed me out the door. That's right! None of this, "Oh mom! You have given me your every last minute for the last four years and now I don't know how to go on without you!" Nope. None of the fanfare or tears. Just a pretty serious, "Get out of here and let me do my thing, Mom!" When I picked him up I asked what he learned and his exact words were, "I can't quite recall. But I did get some M&Ms!" Well, okay. Could you be more specific?

Today was day 2 and I was thrilled. One of his most frustrating sound issues is his inability to pronounce the /s/ in the initial position. Today he came bouncing out of class with a big picture of a sock and on it were a ton of stickers with snakes, suns, seals, spiders, etc. I asked him what letter it was and he made the /s/ sound instead of using the letter name (which thrills me because that's the Engleman way, which we fully prescribe to here). I don't know if they teach it with that method in school, or if we are going to totally frustrate the teacher cramming sounds down his throat when they are working on letter names at school. Either way, I was totally excited to hear him correctly saying the names of all of the stickers on his sheet. That woman must be some kind of miracle worker!!! So, needless to say, I'm beside myself with joy over his accomplishments!

Hannah Jane has had a big week of accomplishments too! She is officially a second grade now! That's right! My little girl has completed her first full week of second grade math and language. She breezed though 8 math lessons this week because she insists that second grade is easier than first was and the math isn't challenging her at all. I told her she could gloss over what she knows, but her math test had better reflect an actual mastery or we'd go back and re-do what she glossed over. She made a 100% on her test and thought nothing more of it. We're about to start multiplication. I thought it was a little early, but the other day in the car she said, out of the blue, "Did you know that two plus two plus two is six? There must be some sort of short cut!" I said, "There is! it's multiplication. I didn't think you were ready for that, but clearly Saxon knows better than I do."

We're also reading Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli. I was at a family gathering of my friend Steffanie's nearest and dearest and 3 separate people mentioned the book and so I decided we had to read it. They warned me that it is not for kids, but once Hannah Jane told them about having read the Giver, they all said, "Well, go right on ahead then!" So far we are in love with Star Girl. I want to be just like her myself and Hannah Jane thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread. We're only about half way, and I'm not going to give it the Momma Skyla seal of approval until we finish, but we're thinking it rocks! With the Giver, Hannah Jane would read a paragraph and I would finish the page. This time, we're alternating paragraphs. She is very annoyed at this new policy, but she'll do anything to see what happens next to Star Girl, so she's willing to comply.

Haven has had a week to challenge my serenity. He is fully embracing his 2ness. And he's so darn cute, even when he's behaving like a maniac, that he's very hard to punish. But to his credit, he's a boy who knows when he does wrong (mostly because he is purposefully and knowingly dong wrong) and so he is perfectly willing to accept punishments. I find this to be an enchanting quality. I remember when Hunter would either refuse to stay in time out and I'd have to carry him back a thousand times, or he'd laugh in my face on the way and yell about happy he was to be in time out the whole time. This infuriated me. To this day he flips out and begs no when I send him to time out. But Haven... well,he just says, "Okay. I done bad, mom and I need a time out." And he just goes. If you've got a kid that needs about 20 time outs a day, it's nice that he takes them politely.

These kids are keeping my busy, to say the least!

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