April 5, 2010

This old barn

It's baby chick day, I pray. Yesterday we forgot that the whole world doesn't do exactly what we do (funny how easily that can happen) and drove all the way across town to buy new baby chicks. What were we thinking?!?!? Of course no one is open on Easter except for Lowe's (which doesn't sell chickens, by the way). Anyway, the kids were tearfully devastated and so we promised to try again today. We will head off in a few minutes to take rice krispy treats to the Alzheimer's patients and then off to get Joe and buy chicks.
Having come home chickless yesterday, we decided to go ahead and start work on their nesting boxes and roosting bars. I haven't spent all that much time in the barn since it got cold. It feels like we bought this house, threw some goats into the barn, and then winter came! Now that we're in the thaw, I've been milling in the barn more and more. I love it.
Being in the barn is like being on a treasure hunt. The people who lived here before threw all kinds of stuff out there and it's free for the finding. Up in the hay loft there is a tread mill. How in the world did they get it up there? There's only ladder access, so this one really makes me wonder. There's an old bathtub, which our neighbors freely say they hate and they spent years talking the last family into dragging it into the barn where no one had to see it. I love it though and I'm trying to talk Joe into dragging it back out of the barn where I can fill it with hay and lounge in it on clear starry nights.

In addition to the one man's trash is another man's treasure side of it, there's just something so romantic about a big old barn! It's like a relic of days gone by. No one builds actual barns anymore. They throw up metal buildings that are cheaper and more utilitarian. I saw a report once that estimated the year upon which there would be no working barns left in America. Can you imagine? Soon barns will only exist in encyclopedias, which already only seem to exist online and in thrift stores. You can apply for grant money to help you restore your barn instead of replacing it with one of those aluminum out buildings. Although, that shouldn't surprise you because you can get a grant for just about anything these days.
So for a while, as Joe muscled up the platform for the nesting boxes in the coup portion of the barn, I took the old camera out and snapped away. I love that barn. It may collapse any day now, but the smell and the feel of it are so amazing. Maybe the snaps will get you in the farming spirit for spring! Enjoy!

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