April 23, 2010

Tot School Friday

We have managed to drag out the letter D as long as humanly possible! I know. Enough already, right? But we had our cool trip to the dinosaur museum. And, well...we loved dime graphing! So we kept with it for just a little longer. And with Hunter's new speech schedule, I was basically just filling time so that they wouldn't forget what "school" feels like and I could have a week to get my head around juggling speech classes and regular school activities.
We did the arranging by shape thing. Haven totally doesn't get this. Look at that! Another reason to stick with D week! Just kidding. I'll print off some new shape for next week so he can totally no get that too!

We did heads and tails. This Haven gets! Hooray!

Hunter did dime graphing again, and I'm glad we went back to this one because he really seemed to get more out of it the second time around. He was thoughtful and meticulous in his placement of each dime, and he finished it without his usual, "Well that was fun. What's next?" thing that he usually does half way in to everything.

We got really into tangrams this week. I think we had worn pattern blocks out for a while and needed a little something different. I know, I know! They're practically the same activity, but they're different enough. We started with the standard square. I'd give yo a link to where I got it, but whoever made this particular printable did not keep it to scale, and this really frustrated Hunter so I won't pass that particular frustration on to your child.

But we did find tangram sheets that we loved that were made for a book called Three Pigs, One Wolf, Seven Magical Shapes. We didn't read the book, but we did print out the tangram mats and the boys really enjoyed themselves. Hunter made a bear and the frustrating square. Haven made the dog, the bear, and the running man. I basically had to force him to stop so that we could move on with our day. Don't ya just love it when they are loving it so much you have to pry them away?

Finally, Haven did a little lacing. Hunter said no to this activity, and judging by the difficulty he had last time we tried it, I decided not to force the issue. He's not there yet and we both know it, so we'll give it a few weeks and try again. Haven had a hard time of it too, but really wanted to do it anyway. What a trooper. He got about two thirds of the way around the hump before giving up. That was pretty good to me. I like that he's trying things that are difficult just like I like Hunter's awareness of what makes him feel frustrated and choosing to avoid it. They are about as different as brothers could be in that department. Got to love it!

Check out what everyone else was doing for tot school this week by clicking on those adorable little elephants and crayons! Have a great weekend!
Tot School

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