May 18, 2010

Baha'i Faith as reported by a 6 year old

Hannah Jane decided to play journalist and make a video montage of our local Baha'i finishing the sentence, "The Baha'i Faith is..." as a part of her presentation on the Faith for our home school culture club.

She filmed it herself, learned about the editing program as we edited together, and came up with captions all on her own.

She took a poster with factoids and statistics, this video, a stack of Ruhi books, some basic literature, and the children's books that the LSA purchased for the kids to show the group.

I think she was more nervous about this presentation than she usually is. She spoke quietly and mostly looking at me, but she did a great job. Lately I get the impression that she likes these kids do darn much that she gets really worried about how she does on these presentations. It's pretty cute. She says, "These kids might be smarter than me and I'm just not used to that." Crack me up! Anyway, she did a great job and was pretty proud of herself when it was over.

We generally bring a culturally related food item to share with the group as well. All I can think of that is pretty universal among Baha'i gatherings is tea, which our wonderful LDS friends would likely not partake of. So we took my Granny Cake since there are a lot of dessert potlucks in our Baha'i community and this is our usual contribution to potlucks. I actually told them about the tea and they all giggles and nodded like, Yeah. You'd have been on your own there! So funny. This week lots of people did desserts so it was kind of like a dessert potluck. WE had cookies from Holland, custard pie from Middle Ages Europe, and our cake. In the non dessert department we had a delicious noodle dish from Taiwan and Mac and Cheese for Kai's birthday.

I just love this group of moms, too! They are just so adorable and our chatting time afterward while the kids work on a play downstairs is perhaps my favorite part. A year ago I felt pretty certain that we'd never find our place in this town. Now, as I chat with these moms about training bras and other moments of mommy discomfort, I realize how much nicer our Utah experience is these days and how lucky we are to have found a group of families who are wonderfully compatible with not only our values, but our sometimes absurd personalities.

Gotta love culture club days!


  1. Hi! My name's Husayn and I'm a Baha'i and a blogger myself! Just wanted to say I came across your blog today (through Twitter) and love it. I really love the video that your daughter did too. You know, I also work at the Baha'i National Center and 'work' with Liang. Does your daughter receive Liang's Adventures? It'd be great to hear any feedback you might have!


  2. Oh, we love Liang! It's the only actual mail my son (4) receives, so he guards it like gold! I don't know that I'm the one to give feedback because we love it just by virtue of its very existence! It makes the kids feel a part of a community even though they don't have any other Baha'i kid friends. So, keep doing what you do! And thanks for stopping in. Just glanced at your home on the web and love your musical taste!

  3. Hey just came across this blog through a recommendation on facebook. Love the video! I lived in Logan when I was a kid back in the 80s (my parents went to USU) so it was fun to get to see the community (especially dear Andy).


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