May 18, 2010

Fabulous dress

So I was at Joanne's with a friend and her daughters so that the girls could pick out fabric for their sewing project (making American Girl Doll dresses together) and I saw this fabric. Glaring red fabric with black and white hands making a peace sign. Did I need fabric for a project? Nope. Did I have any clue what I would make with it? Nope. I just knew I needed to have it! Like seriously needed this fabric for my very survival. So I bought a yard and decided to figure out what I'd do with it later.

I have been wanting a messenger style bag to keep all of the band and choir paperwork that I drag to and fro in, so with my next half off coupon, I picked up some denim at a nice price and proceeded to make a denim messenger bag with a peace sign front flap. It's just what I wanted. Hip and trendy with a positive social message.

But then I had a ton of this cool fabric left. What to do? Make a dress for Hannah Jane, of course! Now mind you, I have only owned a machine for a few months and I have stuck pretty close to rectangles. But suddenly I felt compelled to design a dress right off the top of my head. I mean, if I screwed up, who cares because the fabric is scrap and the kid isn't expecting a dress.

But boy oh, boy if I don't absolutely love the results! I have to say, and not because I made it but because that fabric is tragically hip, that this dress is the most obscenely adorable thing I have ever seen her in! I love it! And so does she! I followed by making one of those layered hair flowers that are all over ETSY and she's complete!

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