May 26, 2010

My little Sunshine

It that sort of day. I've been cleaning since my feet hit the floor. The boys are defiant about school work. Hannah Jane suddenly can't read words she's been reading for years. I am at my wit's end. When I send the boys to tidy their rooms, they come back saying it's done. I check and find that not a single shirt or pair of pants is actually on the shelf. It's all in the floor. My eyes are filling up with tears. I have enough to do without this. And have they learned a thing today other than the fact that the slightest infraction could send Mommy over the edge?

As I sit in the school room corner, under the reading tree in the pile of pillows that live there, I feel defeated. I'm questioning my parenting skills, my teaching skills, my self-preservation skills. And then, without notice, my little ray of sunshine pops in.

Miss Hannah Jane is there at the door of the school room with the biggest bouquet of dandelions I have ever seen. "I hope these make your day better, Mommy. Should I put them in water for you?"

And with that, all of my grumpiness swirled out the window like dandelion seeds blown into the wind by a child who has never yet pondered the effect of that small joy upon the weed population in their yard. At once, I appreciated those flowers that we call weeds and loved them more than anything a florist could deliver. They were a note from the cosmos that said, "That sweet child you are raising noticed you were down and set about finding a way to help you up. You must be doing something right."

It's true. I can't be failing them too horribly when they are so unbelievably caring and sweet. So I found the will to do one more load of laundry, to fold the shirts in the closet floor without saying anything about how many other things I could be doing instead. I smile as I walk past the window and hear the kids giggling outside and know that they are perfect and happy and I will get another chance to teach the boys about the number six tomorrow. And I'll probably get another chance to fold a closet floor full of clothes tomorrow, too. So I snap a pic of that sweet angel and her weed bouquet and keep it for when I need another little ray of sweetness in an otherwise bleak day.

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