May 6, 2010

Nashville Floods

My family and many of my dear loved ones live in Nashville and the surrounding flooded areas, and so we've been glued to the news in our home. With no television, we were stuck with the websites of the major news networks. Let me tell you how disappointing that was!

I had been sort of lightheartedly blaming the oil spill and the Time Square Bomber for the lack of coverage, but when you look at the home page of the major new networks you have laid out for you all of the things that are more important than Nashville's floods. Let's see...these things include what Michelle Obama is Twittering, some fashion show, and a really large fish caught near the oil spill. There was a laundry list of things squeezed into the bottom of the screen that didn't even warrant a picture on the link, and still no Nashville.

This video most accurately, in my opinion, depicts the devastation as well as the spirit of the great Music City.

My emotions are all over the place about this one. While for a split second I thought about how much we had wanted to be able to move back to Tennessee when Joe hit the job market a couple of years ago and how lucky we were at that moment to be here in Utah instead of there, those feelings were quickly replaced by an admiration for the spirit of Nashville, truly America's friendliest city, and how amazing it will be when this is all over to say, "We pulled ourselves out of this together." I wanted to fill up our van with toys and fresh water and hit the road with the kids and do our part.

A friend of mine posted on facebook, "Is Obama coming to help us? Where is he?" And quickly another friend responded, "No, Honey. He isn't coming. Because we're digging ourselves out instead of standing on our roofs shooting at the Air National Guard." This cynical juxtaposition to the response when Katrina hit first struck me as harsh, but at the same time it highlighted precisely what I love about that town. She was right. They would dig themselves out and only ever half jokingly talk about Obama's lack of response.

So, with temporary shelters at full capacity and a lack of clean drinking water there is still much to be done. But Fox News reports that many businesses are open and music is blaring from the downtown Honky Tonks already. While I trust that neighbors will help neighbors and Music City will pull through, I still want to share that you can text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief. And continue sending up prayers for those who lost their homes, vehicles, and jobs and who have no flood insurance to help them rebuild because they were no where near a flood plain. Despite how well they are recovering, this is going to be a long hard process.

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