May 13, 2010

Thank you for saving my son, Wonder Pets!

I haven't reported much this week because there's been nothing much to report. Still sick with this insane, marathon running cold. The kids have gone in and out of being symptomatic, but I have not been so fortunate. After I had been voiceless for 2 days, Haven came into our room in a croupy panic. He was flipping out, as I'm sure I would if I was too little to understand that I really wasn't going to stop breathing. And of course, the more he freaked, the worse it got.

So up we were at 3 AM. I had no voice with which to soothe him, so I drug him into the sun room and turned to our dear friends the Wonder Pets for help. The theme song might as well have been, "Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way to help a Baby Haven and save the day!" He was instantly distracted from his illness and fears by his little team working buddies. And when the distress was relaxed, so too were his airways which also seemed magically healed by our Nickelodeon friends. Funny, I didn't see Wonder Pets listed on any of the homeopathic healing sites. Probably because the herb fans are TV shunners :)
But that all meant that I had to squeeze in my own healing sleep curled up at the foot of the couch with the squeaky little theme song playing over and over with every 15 minute episode. The perkiness of it all was in stark opposition to everything I was feeling at the moment. But then, in my half asleep state, I heard the Platypus sing, "Thank you for saving my soooooon, Wonder Peeeeeets." and I felt the need to tip my hat to them as well because the only thing harder to sleep through than the Wonder Pets' theme song is a panic stricken child.

Hannah Jane crept in around 5 to watch the show. It is so uncommon for their to be a toon on, especially in the morning, that she couldn't sleep knowing she was missing the television fun. She grabbed the camera from beside the humidifier and snapped a few pictures of the scene (who's child is she anyway?) and went back to her cartoon coma.

By 8, all three kids were gathered around watching the same dvd, which was now on it's zillionth go-round. When I finally gathered the energy to get up and turn off the show, they all cried as if they did not yet know what would happen to the baby piglet, or the platypus, or the chameleon. I knew. I had played it in my dreams.

Haven seemed fine, as he always does with his croup thing, by day break. I still insisted that he sit by the humidifier for a while, just in case. He thought the hair blasting effect was worth hanging around for, and didn't fight me too much.
The next day, everyone but Joe was way sick so I made my room our healing sanctuary. I brought in both humidifiers, the speaker system from the sun room, and my laptop. I closed off the room to keep in the moisture and placed my laptop high atop the dresser and out of moisture's way with a list of Hulu documentaries at our disposal. First they chose a film on medical problems in space. That was way interesting. It's wild what minor things can become an issue in space. Next we watched Crocodile Hunter the Movie. Yes, somehow that overacted movie came to be listed as a documentary on Hulu. But the kids loved it and I was happy for them to get to watch the man who was once one of Joe's TV favorites. Last week we rented Free Will 89 (just kidding) with Bindi Irwin in it and I cried through the whole thing just thinking of that sweet girl having lost her father in real life. Anyway, they happily played Crocodiles the rest of the day and seemed to forget their troubles.

Today, I put in Princess Bride (a favorite among all members of the family) to keep the kids busy while I hung my head over a boiling pot of Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes. Desperation has set in. But I think it actually did amazing things. I could croak out a decent sound almost immediately and I could actually feel the sudden movement of all of that congestion. This morning I asked Joe if my sinuses could rupture into my brain because that is exactly how I felt. After a few minutes over stinky vinegar steam I feel relieved! The house smells like Easter Egg day, but that's a small price to pay, in my opinion.

So, as much as we try to keep TV out, I am way grateful for it on sick weeks. It not only keeps the kids still enough to rest when they otherwise refuse to, but it also give me a break so I can work on healing myself. So, thank you, Wonder Pets for teaching my kids about the importance of team work while allowing them to sit still and heal their little bodies!

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