May 27, 2010


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  1. Okay, Momma Skyla, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about this post since you posted it! I had a hard time swallowing that the apple had SO little sugar. I would like to know where you got your info, cause what I found is that a medium apple (3" in diameter) has 95 calories and just under 19 grams of sugar. Granted, the mandarin oranges in syrup have *added* sugar, so it is not as good as a fresh apple. When fruits aren't in season (man, I LOVE summer for all the fresh fruit!!), we do end up eating some (not a ton) of canned fruits, but I will only get the ones in fruit juices and no added sugar. It isn't as good as fresh, raw, yummy stuff, but it is better than nothing. I think. Would love to have some dialog on this if you have other thoughts!! :) And the site from the USDA is:


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