June 30, 2010

2 with the pox and one nervous momma!

I was uncertain as to whether or not this was actually the pox because Hunter was so slow to show an actual typical pox, but this morning it arrived.  The typical blister!  At least now I'm confident that I know what we're dealing with here.  That's a relief.  I suppose that our defective vaccines were partially effective and the boys are just getting a seriously watered down infection, which made it a difficult virus to confirm.  Which I think is good so long as they still get the benefits of lifelong immunity.  But who can know?

After my last post, a friend recommended something called Melaleuca oil.  I had never heard of this and when I asked a little more, I found out that there's an entire company called Melaleuca that carries all sorts of eco-friendly cleaning products, beauty products, and first aid things.  Their prices looked good (once I realized that they were concentrates and 1 bottle equals around 6 of the store brand) and all of the reviews I found looked favorable.  So, I called up our friend Larry who is sort of a health guru and asked about the Melaleuca oil because I was sure if anyone had heard of this brand, it was him.  He gave all of their products a thumbs up, but had a spray that he thought might be a better alternative for the treatment of the pox than the oil. 

So, Larry is dropping this spray off to Joe at work today for us to try and I have ordered the laundry detergent and some cream to powder foundation from Melaleuca at a screamingly low price to try.  I'll let you know what I think.  The detergent and makeup were both slightly less than I normally spend (and you all know how cheap I am) for the chemical filled stuff, but is more eco friendly and phosphate free.  So, if it actually cleans my clothes and makes me gorgeous *smirk* then it's a win all around!  It looks as though our chicken pox infection has helped me find some money saving, safer products for our home!  How unexpectedly fabulous!  And if the spray is good, I'll let you know where to grab some!  I'm sure Larry would love that!

I'm still flipping out about Friday's wisdom tooth extraction, though.  I'm all hung up on the price.  But I'm going through with it.  IV sedation and extraction of 2 teeth for $167 seems too good to be true.  But if the consultation feels okay I'm going to see if it's true that good medical care has to be expensive.  The dishwasher finally gave out and I told Joe this morning to go order one on his lunch break and to think of it not as buying an expensive appliance, but of a wisdom tooth extraction with a free dishwasher included because with the ridiculously cheap price of the teeth, you can add the cost of the dishwasher in and we're still paying less than anyone I know has paid for their wisdom teeth!  So if I don't die or suffer more than the norm, I'll call this a win too!

But for now I am so distracted with worry that I am being super unproductive and cranky.  I can't wait for this week to be behind me!  Friday afternoon I'll get them out, get nice and drugged up and go to bed.  I'll spend Saturday in bed watching movies on loan from our friend Steve under the influence of prescription pain pills  with frozen veggies on my face.  Sunday, we'll see how I feel.  That's supposed to be the big swelling day.  Maybe more movies, drugs and frozen peas but maybe not.  Monday is the big Baha'i volleyball and cookout at the park.  I really want to go, even if its just to cheer on the sidelines, but then there's still the pox to consider.  By Tuesday, I imagine life will be better than ever with no more tooth worries and the pox behind us!  Yes, I've decided it!  Life gets good next Tuesday!  Until then, it's worry and chicken pox blisters!

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