June 21, 2010

Book Club Fun!

Hannah Jane had Nancy Drew book club at her friend Lydia's house last week.  We had been there before when  their family gave us our dear kitten, Miss Daisy.  But we had never roamed around their property.  We had no idea what a magical place they have over there.  It felt like we were in some sort of Smucker's commercial where the kids in swimsuits run across the field to the picture perfect summer swimming hole.

They have the marshy areas with foot bridges cutting through the tall cat tails to the other side.  There is a huge tree laced with nets and platforms for endless adventure.  A rope swing goes out over a wide bend in a creek.  Goats, chicken, and cats are around every corner.  It was pure childhood delight.  I wish I had taken a few more pictures, but I was trying not to be that creepy camera lady who lurks around every corner, snapping pictures when you least expect it!

The girls made puzzles, had a scavenger hunt and snacks, and then went out to play in the wonderland of a backyard!  During the scavenger hunt, which was totally light hearted with rhyming clues for the group of super excited girls, the youngest little participant kept putting her fists up by her cheek and saying, "This is sooo scary!"  She was adorable!

I had planned to drop her off, but when Hannah Jane heard there was going to be swimming she panicked about being a non-swimmer around all of the cool big girls and asked if I would mind staying.  When it was water time, the boys and I were in the car eating some nuts and we didn't even realize the girls had gone.  By the time we got there, Hannah Jane had already climbed a tree and taken a canoe ride.  I asked if she wanted me to go get her swimsuit out of the car and I was shocked as she stood in the whipping wind and said yes!

That little girl who had been so afraid of getting in the big stream, so afraid that the big girls would make fun of her, flung herself into the water in the freezing cold and did it!  I was so proud of her!

And as impressed as I was with her bravery, I was taken even more so by Lydia's big sister.  Most of the girls who had been in the water were cold and heading in by the time I got Hannah Jane's suit to her.  She would have missed out on the fun.  But Emily, seeing that Hannah Jane was now ready to do it despite her nerves, so sweetly called to her friends that she was going to stay and help Hannah Jane.  She got her into a life jacket and then assured her that she'd be right there if Hannah Jane needed help.  How cool is that?  What a kind hearted young woman.  All of those kids are that way.

I feel so blessed that my kids are finding friends who are sweet and considerate again.  When we lived in Oregon the kids had such kind friends that we didn't really realize how unkind kids could be.  Then we arrived in Utah and immediately had bouts with bullies and just generally crabby and rude kids.  I was totally surprised and, after a while, began to worry that we had left the only group of gentle spirited kids on earth.   A few months in, we found the home school co-op and began finding the lovely wonder kids who still haven't been told that it is uncool to enjoy the company of your siblings or to take care of the younger kids.  Now we are seeing that there are kind kids everywhere.  Sometimes you just have to dig a little!

We have another Nancy Drew club next week.  This time Hannah Jane is ready to go alone.  I'll be a little sad to not get to lurk around and witness all the fun, but I'm so happy she's found her comfort zone!

This is going to be such a great summer!

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