June 17, 2010

Countdown to chaos!

June is the most insane month for our family. Well, not all of June. One particular little cluster of June. Ready for this?  We have Haven's birthday, the next day is Father's Day, and two days after that is our wedding anniversary. 

All of those take planning and coordinating.  One of them requires a trip to the post office.  One requires the ordering or baking or a cake.  And one requires me to find some new way to say I love you to a man who probably gets sick of hearing it, I say it so much. 

Luck for me, we accidentally missed the deadline to sign Hannah Jane up for the Nibley City play this year.  Last year we added daily play practice, 2 performances and a parade (almost) to that because - joy of joys - our city's annual Heritage Days are also celebrated during out time of June that I lovingly refer to as the cluster of chaos.

This year we're simplifying.  No play and a family-only party.  Haven doesn't care about having a big party.  He only wants to go see Toy Story 3D in the theater.  And Hannah Jane only knows about the play if I tell her, which I chose not to the second I realized that we missed the deadline for sign-ups.

The cake is ordered, birthday gifts are locked away in the shed, Father's Day packages have been shipped, Joe's Father's Day has been meticulously planned (stay tuned for adorable pictures), and Toy Story has been sufficiently hyped.  Now...if I could figure out how I'm going to make our anniversary special, I'd be all set!  But that's at the end of the chaos cluster, so I have a bit of time still. When it's all said and done, I'll be ready for my nap.

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