June 7, 2010

Eating green (and orange and red and...)

We've been on a mission to integrate more fresh veggies into the kids' diets. That nutrition lesson a while back proved pretty helpful. Isn't it great how kids just need to know about something to care about it? I mean, now that they get that a canned fruit isn't the same for our bodies as a fresh fruit, I actually hear them talking to each other about the differences and which is a better choice. Makes a momma proud!

I vowed to bring a broader variety of veggies home and let them try them however they liked. This was a dangerous proposition. In the past, Joe and I have disagreed on the ways in which the kids should be allowed to get their veggies. There was that time when Hannah Jane asked if she could have corn on her peanut butter sandwich. I said yes as Joe said no. "What?!?!" we both asked each other? His was a "what in the world? She'll never actually eat it and it will be a waste of food!" while mine was more of a "what?!?! She's asking to include a veggie instead of jelly and you're going to say no?" I won that one and she ate peanut butter and corn sandwiches for about a week. I suspect that even if she had hated them, she'd have continued for the full week just to prove it was a good idea.

Then there was that time back in Oregon when we told the kids that instead of a piece of candy, they could each choose any kind of fruit they wanted. Oops! Hunter picked those tiny things that look like oranges but actually taste like lemons. Yeah. No good. Hannah Jane picked a coconut. We spent an hour on the porch with a hammer and a screw driver trying to get into it. When we did, she turned her nose up at it, but quickly played like the shell halves were a bra. I can't actually remember what Haven chose, but I know for sure that none of them ate what they picked. We spent somewhere in the ball park of 10 dollars on exotic fruit that no one liked. There's a reason apples and bananas are the standard!

But we are a good year and a half older now and we've gotten all of that exotic fruit curiosity out of our systems! The focus this go round has been on eating veggies that we know we like at times when we would traditionally thing of something prepackaged. Like when we're rushing out the door to music and we know we need a snack for the break between band and choir. In the past that would have been cracker time. Now it's snap peas and corn time! And the kids love it! Getting to use a cool snowman appetizer dish in the middle of the summer doesn't hurt either!


  1. I heard that blueberries are just as good for you as broccoli. Seriously :D

  2. I've read that too and it makes me happy! But blueberries are more expensive than broccoli, so I rarely indulge.


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