June 5, 2010

Fairy Houses

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We have this corner of our garden that we call Gnome Hill. This is because once, at Smith's, we saw this gnome filled wonderland atop a floral case and knew immediately that we had to have an over the top gnome haven in our own garden. So a space was dedicated and we waited.

We waited and waited and waited to find a gnome that wasn't insanely priced. I mean, 20 bucks for a gnome? Are you kidding me?
But every garden needs some whimsy or it just isn't worth having.

I was born genetically preprogrammed
to find fairy homes in hollow logs and see zero value in a garden that only provides sustenance and no magic.
Spend 5 minutes with my mom and you'll understand where it comes from.

So while Joe hit the big city this weekend for an entire day of mandatory hunter safety training, the kids an I took advantage of his tool collection and our imaginations to rectify this lack of whimsy problem our garden plot faces.

The boys gathered supplies.

We cut.

We hammered.
Believe it or not, no one lost any necessary appendages!

And we began creating.

The kids set about collecting bits of nature to slap on their fairy houses with Elmer's glue with amazing enthusiasm. I didn't expect the boys to stick with this as long as they did. Hunter is typically the first one to lose interest in a project and he outlasted everyone!

Hannah Jane created a flowery A frame that would have made Pa's heart flutter (he has a weakness for A-frames).

Hunter meticulously adjusted and readjusted twigs and seeds on his little house.

Haven got a little glue crazy and then just kind of rolled his house around in the mulch.

Building and designing! Carpentry and nature observation! What fun we had trying to create the perfect home for a little piece of imagination for whom only the most nature inspired home will do. Now we have a garden fit for a fairy royal family. Food and whimsy! Now, that's what I call a garden!

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