June 8, 2010

Grammar Rock!

We had a blast today learning about adjectives and nouns. I never thought I'd say grammar is fun, but it sure was today! And when we were done with what I had planned, all 3 kiddos begged for more! Love it when that happens (which is not all that often).

We started by watching School House Rock (remember that show?) on nouns and then on adjectives. When I watch that show, it looks so old and out of date. Something that is now reserved for retro style ringer tee's in Target. But to the kids, it's still the best thing since sliced bread!

While I was in bed with a banged up back yesterday, I did some blog browsing (the joys of bed rest!) and found this site with a woman who has made a thousand videos on early education ideas. If I'm being honest, it was a little tedious watching a whole video where a photograph would have sufficed, but the ideas are great! Once I logged off, I got to work creating some of her projects. One of them was for nouns and adjectives.

You create 2 shirts with pockets and label the pockets with "noun" and "adjective." Then you make a ton of word strips with nouns and adjectives on them. The kids get to sort the words and put them in the correct pocket. The woman on the site had done this during a unit on clothing, but I couldn't think of anything else with a pocket (though while I'm typing, I'm realizing a kangaroo might be nice!) so I went with the shirts anyway.

I would read the word on a strip and they would take turns deciding if it was a noun or and adjective. Hannah Jane (the one for whom I pulled this all together) would correct the boys when it was their turn. That's a nice sneaky way for them to all feel included, but to get confirmation that the student for whom it was designed is actually getting the content. She slowly took over as teacher, reading the strips and quizzing the boys. Everyone got turns putting the words in the pockets.

When we were done, they pulled all of the letters out and paired the nouns with the adjectives without me asking them to. I said we were done, but they refused to finish their word play. They giggled as they changed the pairs from "The rude hat," to "the rude dinosaur with the pretty hat!"

I'm loving this because the kids view it as more of a game than a class. The bright scrapbook paper makes it appealing to the eye and they feel special getting to use it! Plus, schooling in mom and dad's bed is a cozy way to learn!What more could you ask for in a lesson?

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