June 23, 2010

The Great Hair Brush Debacle and 8 Years of Marriage

That's right.  I said debacle!  Yesterday morning caught me off guard.  As I was lazily getting Joe's work clothes ready I was daydreaming about what kind of fabric I would buy at Joanne's with my 60% off coupon and what great surprise I would devise for Joe for our anniversary.  As I twirled pass the fridge in a sort of blissful coma, the calendar caught my eye.  What?!?!?  Hunter's speech classes start back today?

Noooooo!!!!  I needed to clean the house and make little lovey surprises!  I don't have time for speech!  And band.  And choir!!!!  Then it hit me that not only would I not be bringing Joe home to an immaculate home with a candle light dinner all ready for us, but I wouldn't even have time to breathe.  No library, no Joanne's, and sadly, no giddy love notes.  Man!

We ran to the store after we dropped Joe off so that I could buy one of those fancy bottles of sparkling apple juice and a Key Lime Pie (we ate at Bubba Gump's on our honeymoon and the waiter hooked us up with free key lime pie to go).  I also grabbed a convenience dinner.  Sad, right?  A microwavable frozen pasta dish to celebrate 8 wondrous years of wedded bliss?  But I suppose eating (regardless of what it is) is more romantic than starving.  I know!  I'm falling way short here!  He deserves better than this, but if he could schedule our anniversary to only fall on empty calendar days, I could do a little better.

In addition to anniversary supplies, I grabbed a cheap hairbrush because we had rushed out the door without so much as dressing the kids or brushing their hair.  Hannah Jane dressed herself and the boys both fell asleep in their clothes the night before, so I lazied out and we went out as we were.  But I couldn't deliver Hunter to Speech without at least combing his hair!  The cheapest brush was one of those little round ones.  I grabbed it and ran.

In the car, Hannah Jane had gotten the brush to do her own hair and soon I heard panic in her voice.  "How do I get this kind of brush out of my hair?!?!?"  She had wrapped her long hair around the tiny barrel brush so many times that it wouldn't unroll.

Now I began having a vague memory from 5th grade when my friend Karen's mom called my mom to pick her kids up from school while she was there to get me.  Why?  A round brush was stuck in her hair and she couldn't get it out.  Why had I not remembered that before tossing the brush in the van with no warnings to Hannah Jane?  I checked the rear view mirror and it looked bad.  I told her not to touch it or try to get it out until we get Hunter to speech and then I'll try.

I had thought perhaps I'd run home and spruce the place up while Hunter was in speech. but I spent the entire hour detangling the brush as Hannah Jane cried with predictions of having to shave her head.  And I couldn't exactly assure her that she wouldn't have a date with the clippers before it was all said and done.  But luckily, after much work and worry, I was able to extricate the brush from the matted long locks of brown hair.  She wiped her cheeks dry and gave me a big ole hug.

That pretty much set the tone for the day.  Hunter was crazy at music.  I felt bad and took him outside with a threat of punishment a few times.  I came back in an the moms looked at me like I was crazy.  I forgot...here in gigantic family land no one much worries or feels disrupted by unruly kids.  It's bizarre.  People's kids can run around and scream and they just keep on doing what they're doing with the slightest distraction.  Not me.  When I tell a child to sit down or to at least stay quietish during a gathering, I expect them to comply.  I don't think that's so crazy.  But apparently I'm in the minority on that one. 

All of that made me exhausted by the time anniversary celebrating time rolled around.  But leave it to Joe to pull be back from the edge.  He faked non-disappointment at eating a totally thoughtless dinner, even saying how good it was when it wasn't.  We had a lovely romantic evening.  After we put the kids to bed, we ate Key Lime Pie and sparkling juice over quiet conversation.  We watched home movies from the first blissful years of our marriage.  It was wonderful to walk down memory lane together.  At some point, I was laughing and crying at the same time and we both agreed that that pretty much summed up our lives together.  Tears of love and laughter!  So, we didn't let the hairbrush, the unruly musician, and the lack of decent food get in the way of celebrating 8 years of us.  I'm a lucky woman!

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  1. Key Lime pie and sparkling juice would be a celebration at my house too. Happy anniversary!


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