June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!  We're always excited for an excuse to celebrate that man who pays the bills and passes out the best hugs, so this was a big day!

This year we had a little bit of a theme going.  You see, Joe wears a tie Monday through Thursday (aren't I lucky to see Mr. GQ every morning?) and so we had fun with a tie themed Father's Day!

I made the kids these adorable applique t-shirts using the tutorial over at Trey and Lucy's.  I changed it up a bit, using different color silk for the ties and stitching around the outline in a contrasting thread.  Poor Haven got the first one I made and it is totally sloppy, but he's sloppy too, so I'm not all that worried about it.

Then we ordered Joe a tie with the kids' picture on it.  I was pretty excited about this when I ordered, but was a little disappointed when it arrived.  They just kind of wadded the tie up in an envelope so it's not all nice and flat and I can't iron it.  Plus, the photo quality is a little over exposed.  But what can you do?  Joe's ties all end up a little rumpled and it's cool to have your family around your neck all day even if they are a little whiter and brighter than normal.

The kids and I crept out of bed early to make a sausage and egg  breakfast for Joe.  They got their tie shirts on and combed their hair while I cooked.  We arranged his breakfast on a bamboo tray with a framed photo collage (this is what the grandfathers and god father got in the mail) and coffee in his favorite mug.  As we came into the room to startle him awake, the kids sang "Happy Father's Day to you!" to the tune of Happy Birthday (I know!  How original!  Haha!)  He was a good sport about the early waking and they presented him with his photo tie and snuggles.

We might go fishing this afternoon.  Who knows?  I suppose these Hallmark Card holidays are kind of morning only days.  After breakfast and tie shirts, well, the day was up for grabs.  But it was really fun getting ready for it!  Happy Father's Day, Joe!!!  We love you!

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  1. Hi Skyla,

    I remember how my brother and I used to wake up early to make breakfast on Father’s Day (and how my poor mother would get stuck with cleaning up the mess afterwards). But I’m sure my mother enjoyed cooking with us, and I certainly had fun doing it!

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