June 29, 2010

KOA weekend!

So we decided to go for a different kind of camping this past weekend and book a slot at the Bear Lake KOA.  While Joe and I agreed that it's not real camping, it was a seriously fun experience.  It was an all out family fun extravaganza!  We could easily have never left the campground, with all of the fun stuff they had there.  When we returned home after only 1 night away, it felt like we had a full vacation!  Can't beat that!

The kids swam in the pool, took a hay ride, bounced on the jumping pillow during power hour, competed in a dance competition, rode on the little train, played mini golf, and wore out the playground.  Big fun!!!  I certainly recommend the KOA experience if you have kids.  Every kid there look supremely happy!

We did manage to go to the beach while we were there.  We met a nice family that actually lives just one town over.  They invited us to tag along on a walk to their secret spot that they call shell island.  The 3/4 mile walk down the shore line brought us to a place where Hannah Jane sunk knee deep into small sea shells!  It was crazy!  I've never seen anything like it.  The kids filled their buckets with tiny shell for the long walk back trough sea grass and warm pools of shallow water.

We finally had Bear Lake's famous Raspberry shakes.  They were pricey and we had to wait forever to get them, but boy were they worth it!!!  Yummy!!!

So, we had a fabulous trip and came home well relaxed.  Good thing too because this is shaping up t be a doozy of a week!

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