June 21, 2010

Letter G week and Letter Tiles

It's summer time, friends!  And so we're putting down the text books a little more often and getting out to play and explore.  That said, I don't want to lose all of the skills we've been building, so I'm trying to keep up on the boys' reading progress in a more playful way.

While the focus of the week is on the letter G,  we needed a word building refresher as well.  I pulled out our favorite Eureka Tub Of Letter Tiles, and spread out a few sounds that they know from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons on a cookie sheet and had them build some simple words.  Now, I don't know about your pre-readers, but mine seem to have this notion that the order of the letters makes not difference.  msa means the same thing as sam to them.  I'm trying hard to exaggerate the sounds as I sound out a simple word and have them arrange the tiles to create it on their cookie sheet.  The slower I sound them out, the more likely the boys are to get it right.

Next, I pulled up "the at song" from Between the Lions on youtube.  The kids watched it on the big screen and then I set up their cookie sheets with a and t put together and a range of possible starting sounds at the top.  I'd sing the song and they would pick the correct tile to make the word.  The video seemd to make a big difference!

There were all sort of fun letter G  videos on Youtube.  We watched a ton of them!  But I made a find that I am really excited about!  We like to do the Muffin Tin Monday whenever we can, and rather than sync up with the theme on the page, I like to sync it up with our letter of the week.  Sometimes this is a bit tricky! We ran across this snipit from Cullen's ABC's.  I had never heard of this site, but it would be so helpful for our Muffin Tin Mondays that are letter related!  They have a video for each letter where they explore foods that start that letter of the alphabet!  How cool is that?  I'm totally planning on  filling our muffin tins with the foods they use and letting the kids watch the corresponding video before lunch!  Yay!!!  And just to tell you how the kdis felt about Cullen, when it was over they asked if they could please watch another one of her videos instead of a Sesame Street or Between the Lions video.  I had to say no and save them for our Mondays!  Anyway, if you're a Muffin Tinner, this is for you!

After a ton of letter G short flicks, we did some G finger painting.  I quickly sketched a goat in the middle of some copy paper and drew a bunch of letter Gs around it for the boys to trace with finger paint.  They always love a good finger paint activity and seem to be able to trace letters with finger paint  that they would never be able to write with a pencil.  Paint it like letter magic!

So, hop on over to Cullen's ABCs and the Muffin Tin Mom for more great preschoolish ideas!!!  Happy Monday!


  1. I love the letter tiles. I am off to read about them.

  2. Great idea. I'm going there now to check it out. Also, I'm impressed with your goat drawing abilities. :) Good idea for fingerpaint tracing.

  3. LOL! I'm glad someone's impressed with my goat! The kids laughed and said it was a dog with horns. But really, what is a goat if not a dog with horns. Right?


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