June 10, 2010

Little Learners' Wrap up

We had a fun and laid back week as we embraced the beginning of summer (even though we do a year round sort of thing). A friends said, "Your poor kids will never know the joy of the last day of school!" Kind of funny. I thought "They'll never know the disappointment of getting a real job and realizing that there are no last days of work!" Anyway, we have relaxed a bit this week as I plan for the coming summer months and find activities that will get us out in the world as we learn. That picture is of the kids laying around in "a real pile!" in the hall while I vacuumed around them, which you will understand the significance of if you love the movie Where the Wild Things Are like we do!

We kept on working on knowing those numbers when we see them! I made puzzles to help them with that. I'm on the look out for some fresh pre-math printables for counting bears. Hunter confided that he hates all forms of school that don't involve "those bears." So, we need more bear activities! Feel free to clue me in if you know where I can find some on the web.

We talked a lot about being a good team member and contributing for the good of the whole. So the boys began clearing the table after every meal, loading the dishwasher, and helping with meal preparation. Check them out shucking corn! They made a mess, but they really tried to help!

We brought home our new kitten! Daisy got lots of attention and Haven got lots of lessons on how to NOT hold a kitten. We could write a book on how to NOT hold a kitten, he came up with so many ways! Hunter, on the other hand, was so gentle and loving with that kitty that it melted my heart. He loves that kitten something fierce!

Haven was eager to show off his reading skills. You know we love the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons! Well, Haven does too! They are short words, but look at him go! He's using his sense of humor to hide his self correcting, and I just love that he knows when he's said the wrong thing and fixes it with a big laugh! He looks in the mirror that we use for Hunter's speech as if his reflection is some other person coaching him as he reads. He doesn't seem to need me anymore, so long as he has his buddy Other Haven there to help him! Love that little guy!

And I just found a list of resources and sheets to go with the book on Home Grown Hearts! I can't wait to use them!

I lost m y keys 3 weeks ago and finally gave up on finding them. The only problem is that my library card was on those keys and we've moved outside of the city so I can't replace it. I have been dreading the Hyrum library because Hyrum is such a smaller town that it's library was bound to be even more dreadful than Logan's. But we went this week and to my surprise it was GREAT!!!! It's library love. And there's a local museum downstairs where we went and spent an hour with the Hyrum historian. We had him all to ourselves so he showed the boys fossils and forts and they watched an old Betty Boop cartoon on an portable DVD player. Because I was expecting it to be totally horrific and I didn't want to document the sad state of our new library, I didn't take my camera. Let this be a lesson that great moments can pop up at any time! Always have the camera!

But while we were there, we snagged these great little books for the boys. As you saw above, we do the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy lessons, which is a phonics based program. I am strongly opposed to the "whole word" movement, which thankfully looks to finally be on the way out of fashion. But at the same time, with Hannah Jane, we had difficulty bridging the gap between slowly sounding out words and recognizing them when you see words you've sounded out a thousand times already. So I was excited to find these little books that used the sounds that we already know from TYCTR, but use them with enough repetition that the boys may actually start to consider them sight words now that they have sounded them out.

Here's a look at the inside. The first book only had the words I, see, and Sam! Hunter reluctantly read one. He fought every word. Finally he finished and was so proud! I though he'd be up for reading one again the next day since he was so proud upon completion, but he has decided to fight me every time. We'll see how that one plays out. But Haven is eager to read a "real book." He's quite enjoying them and his older bro is enjoying having his baby brother read to him! So funny!

If you're interested, they are by Alan Hofmeister and out of Utah State University. Each book has a pronunciation guide and word list at the front. If you want your own set (which I highly recommend) you can get them from the university from their web site.

Next week we're back on track with a real theme...Stars and the letter...G? Um. Let's try that again! Next week we're back on track with a theme...Galaxies and the letter G!!! Stay tuned for all the fun!

And don't forget, as always, to check out Tot School and Preschool corner to peek at what other families with wee people are doing!

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  1. Daisy! :D
    I liked the reading video :)

  2. haha!! how true about the last day of work!

  3. What a great post! It looks like they had a fun week :) Thanks for sharing the book info!


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