June 3, 2010

Little Person Friday

It's time for the weekly tot school wrap up. I skipped last week because we were too busy having fun camping and party hosting to make time to post. But we're back and we had a fun week!

We had a non-academic theme for the week as the whole crew worked on learning a Baha'i quote, set it to music, and supporting it with word-art every morning. You can get the full run down of the week-long virtues lesson here.

We still did our regular daily academic activities, just with no solid theme. The boys are working on numeral recognition. Hunter was able to identify all of them up to, but not including seven, so seven is his number of the week. Haven's number, two weeks strong, is two. We are way overusing these numbers! I don't know why he still can't recognize 2 when he sees it, but I'm not giving up.

We finger painted it.

We Light Brighted it.

We played snakes and ladders and showed him the dice every time someone rolled a 2 (it's the kind with numerals instead of dots)

I just can't figure out how it is that the boy still can't identify the number 2, but I'm determined he'll know it before he turns 3 in a couple of weeks. That's my rule! At a minimum, you must be able to use numbers of ages you have already been! That's reasonable, right?

In other news, we used our teddy bear counters and pattern blocks to examine one to one correspondence while counting to five. The boys love any excuse to use those bears so we sent groups of 5 bears through grocery lines, put them on pattern block wheel chairs and rolled them through line at a movie theaters, had them dive into the storage box swimming pool.

Haven worked on making and expanding AB color patterns with color tiles. He mastered this right away, so I I tossed out an ABB color pattern. At this point he looked at me like a fool! Clearly, when you're almost 3 there is only one type of pattern and it is blue, green, blue, green... Nothing else will do, says the pattern maker!

We did the celery in food coloring thing and talked about words like Xylem and Phloem, but of course that meant nothing to anyone but Hannah Jane. Again, my theory is familiarity when we have the next go round.

Hunter worked on writing his name. Everything is more fun when you're writing on the mirror with a dry erase marker, but Hunter keeps sniffing the marker tip, so I'm not sure we'll do much more of this for a while. He may be having a little too much fun!

While I weeded the garden and turned up a new plot for our melon hills, the boys followed in my shovel's wake and pulled out earthworms. Hannah Jane snapped this picture. We pulled out the new book, Wonderful Worms that we got at the home school book swap and learned all about how worms help our garden. What boys don't LOVE worms?

That was our week! Lots and lots of virtues talk and mathish manipulative play! We had a ball! To see what other mommas are doing with their little people, check out tot school and preschool corner!

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  1. Some numbers seem to be more troublesome than others. Kaelyn's number hang up is 14, 15, 16 (as far as reciting). If she remembers those she can't count past 20/30. BUT if she struggles or puts them in the wrong order she can count to 100 with minimum prompting at teens placement changes!

    Hang in there! Kaelyn's four and we haven't really pushed number recognition, but today she recognized 4, 5, and 0 upside down at the pool!


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