June 2, 2010

Mommy, Look what we can do!

It's official! The boys could now climb Mt Everest if they believed there to be a sufficient supply of fresh produce awaiting them at the summit. Yup! It appears we have a house full of proficient climbers! Perched on the counter with their independently obtained apples, they called out to me to share the big news!

See that carousel of cutlery there at the right edge of the photo? Yeah, that lives atop the fridge now. I'm sure next week I'll have to ship all of my knives to a different continent, as that will be the only place the boys find inaccessible until they get their pilot's licenses.

Oh, and yes, that is the gas stove top they are perched beside. But don't worry. We taught them not to play with fire back when we taught them not to climb on the counters and you can see how well that has worked out for us!

In all seriousness, the look of pride on Haven's face made it feel like a day for celebrating rather than a day to reorganizing my sharp objects in a panic. He's a big boy now. In charge of his own destiny. And from where I stand over here in Momma Land, that simply means it's time to step up to the next level of privileges and their best friends, regulations.

I must say that raising a girl has provided very little by way of training for what God had in store for me with these boys! At 2, Hannah Jane never even considered climbing the curtains or building precisely balanced towers to scale in order to reach that thing which I had denied her the right to eat, touch, cut, hold, staple, or dissect. And food was never such a motivating factor with her. The boys can put away 3 bowls of oats and 2 bananas each at breakfast and still be willing to jump out the top floor window in an attempt to steal an egg from a mag pie nest on the way down because they are just so famished and mean ole mom is denying them the right to eat their body weight at each meal. Body weight, by the way, is the amount of food every male in my life seems to think he needs to ingest daily in order to maintain the ability to stand upright.

So here's to boys! My little dare-devils who eat big and live big and challenge me to parent big around the clock!

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