June 4, 2010

Morning Snapshot

I've noticed a trend this week. An endearing trend that speaks volumes about
two very different subjects.

Every morning the kids go out to do their morning chores which consist of letting the chickens out of the barn and feeding the dog.

Almost every morning this week it has been drizzling when they go out. I tell them all to get a jacket. Hannah Jane listens. The boys do not. Every morning Hannah Jane wears her dirty old work jacket to the barn and every morning one of the boys is wearing it when they get back.

Subject 1: Obedience (or lack thereof)
Hannah Jane naturally does what she's told. The boys naturally do the opposite of what they are told even if it means freezing their rear ends off while doing chicken chores.

Subject 2: Sibling Relations
The boys know that Hannah Jane will sacrifice just about anything for them, including her own comfort. She is just that way and they are generally that way back to her. They will do things for their sister they would never do for anyone else. It has made me a lazy mother, in fact. I just know they've got each other covered and so I sit back and enjoy the view.

The first morning that I witnessed this phenomenon, I was so overcome by the adorableness of it all that I was waiting in the kitchen with 3 blankets and three mugs of peppermint cocoa when they walked through the door.

The second morning, I was still impressed with her generosity, but annoyed at their continued reliance on her giving nature. I lectured a little about showing appreciation for her by wearing their own jackets so that their dear sister could also be warm and dry. Then I warmed up the cocoa.

Morning three was sunny.

Morning four I snapped a picture before I lectured them once more.

Morning five I came to my senses and put their jackets on them myself while they kicked and screamed and declared themselves independent men who could do what they wanted. Who could say no to doing chicken chores if they wanted! Who could join someone else's family and never be told to wear jackets again if they wanted!!

And then...of course...they skipped in the rain together and stayed out playing with chickens for a full half hour before coming in for a cup of warm milk.

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  1. Hopefully Roo and Haven will learn from Hannah :)


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